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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pay your Dentist OR else....

Dentist fined for grabbing patient's dentures

Friday,20/02/09, 07:06 pm

A German court Friday found a dentist guilty of assault for forcibly extracting the dentures from a patient who did not pay a 700-euro (623-pound) bill. Skip related content

Chirin Kolb, a reporter for the Suedwest Presse newspaper, said the dentist, 57, apologised to the municipal court in Neu-Ulm after he was fined 6,000 euros for going to the woman's home and taking the false teeth from her mouth.

"His lawyer read a statement expressing remorse and he apologised, saying he just blew a fuse because he was under a lot of professional and personal stress," Kolb told Reuters. He was trying to collect 700 euros not covered by her insurance.

The woman appeared in court with no teeth and said she did not want to wear dentures again because of the distress the incident had caused.

(Writing by Erik Kirschbaum and Dave Graham)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning English: YES? NO?

Yesterday I registered for two English classes, one for grammar and another for dissetation writing. I really need to brush off my English writing skills. I feel that my skills are really rusty now. Not like the old years during my undergrad years.

Long gone were the days where I speak and write an almost flawless and accentless American English. I can't say my English is 100% perfect but back then I was able to correct others' grammar mistake while they were talking and I also used to proof read my peers essays. Sure I can still do that now but I am less efficient.

It's true that British English is quite different especially in terms of its pronounciation. I don't know whether I can learn the Newcastle slang during my study years here especially when it is said that people here have the thickest accent compare to other parts in the UK (Scotland excluded).

Anyway, I have always have fun learning English when I was in the US. I hope its the same here.

Well, I am about to pray my Asar prayer now before I go to my writing class. i'll share more about my English class later.