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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun hat for rainy days?

  Summer is supposedly here by now. Instead we have rainy days and windy days. Well, I am not complaining. I am enjoying the weather as long as I can. Once I am back in Malaysia, there'll be no more 'no sweat' days as it is here :)

I made Auni a sun hat last week using this tutorial the day before the Olympic Run reach Newcastle. The plan is for her to wear it on the day of the event so we can take pretty pictures. But it rained that afternoon. So no sun hat outside, just inside the house...

Here's some more pictures from the Torch Relay event in Newcastle.  

The Olympic mascot and us

One of the official sponsors. Oh! Such a nice phone!

THE Restaurant 'RASA NUSANTARA' at the back

I don't remember the name of this gentleman, but he is one of the England football player I think.

The guys in grey are policemen.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A recipe book for babies & toddlers

When I started introducing Auni to solid food a few months ago, I have to admit I was quite lost. Other than the usual 'nasi lembik', soups, carrot and potato, what else out there can I give her? I received suggestions and tips from relatives and friends but I was still not satisfied. Seriously, I am not going to give my little Auni rice one day and potato the other. What with the rest of the week? What with her 5 a day need (fruits & veggies?) Probably because I am sort of by the book person.  If there's a meal planner, that'll be great I think. I know there probaby plenty of baby recipes all over the internet websites but I don't want to waste my time jumping from one sites to another. Then I have to either print or copy the recipe into a book so that it comes handy when I need them. So I went searching for books and there they are. Recipe books for babies. I read Amazon's reviews for many books such as Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner , Weaning, and Lorraine Kelly's Baby and Toddler Eating Plan: Over 100 Healthy, Quick and Easy RecipesI end up buying the latter, a not so popular choice according to customers rating. Why? These two particular review is enough to stop me from buying the other books.

 I found it very strange that lots of recipes include sugar and salt??? Probably that is just my ignorance, I thought I should stay away from this ingredients until baby would be 1 y.o. - by oksi 

Great book if you have a larder the size of your local supermarket and nothing else to do all day. Some good ideas but not typically made up either of produce you would have at hand or meals you would normally make. ALso the recipes make large quantities so unless you freeze everything your baby will be eating the same meals all week. A little too idealistic for today's busy family
- by Wordsworth "reading junkie"

I am a very satisfied customer. The book is cheap. Yeah! The inside does not looks great, with its almost browny paper. But so what? The most important things are:
1) It inspires me to mix and match whatever I have in my fridge & kitchen to cook for Auni
2) Auni likes most of the recipes I tried so far

I am happy when the health visitor approves my choice of food that I gave Auni, like fishes (tuna, kod, salmon), lentils, pasta, rice, chicken, etc. I, on my own wouldn't have thought to give Auni lentils at her age. It turns out I am wrong because lentils is a very good source of protein and fibre.

Thanks for reading :)