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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade toys

I've made few toys for Auni. Long before she was born. I'm glad I did. I can't hardly find time to sew nowadays. I'm busy spending time with her. She grows up too quickly. Sometime I think I miss out quite a lot on her development. She's learning new things everyday from watching us and from her surrounding.

Close up. Front row: A Family of Beddy-Bye Beast; Back row: Doll and Rabbit
Meet Dolly the Chef. Her apron is missing in Auni's laundry pile :P
Introducing Beddy-Bye Beast family of five: Batik Bear, Dot-Dot Rabbit, Sleepy Brown Monkey, Flowery Cat and Yellow Chicken
Bunny and her dress.
 Link to toys tutorials:
 I made some changes on the fabric selection here. Instead of felt, I simply use my fabric scraps and it works just fine.I also made closed pockets at the back of the bear and the chicken and add a squeaker and bells inside them.

I haven't altered anything for this doll but I wish I had. If I'm making another, I would make her legs more meatier.

A little note of advice if you want to give this bunny and her dress a go. You can either sew with the paper pattern provided attached to your fabric or  add another 1/4 to 1/2 inches all around for seams. I made two dresses for the bunny :)

Thank you for reading and Happy Sewing :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kuih Talam Ubi Kayu

"Untung jadi isteri macam awak, ada suami yang pandai masak."

Itu kata-kata yang sering kawan-kawan ucapkan pada saya. Saya tak menafikan ada benarnya tapi sejak suami sibuk memasak di Restoran Rasa Nusantara dan sejak saya dah selamat bersalin,tugas masak-memasak di rumah 99.9% jatuh ke atas bahu saya. Tanggapan orang sekeliling kadang-kadang perlu dibetulkan. Kot tak nanti orang ingat saya ni isteri yang hanya goyang kaki dan hanya tahu santai-santai saja di rumah.

Oklah, itu introduction je. Nak cerita pasal saya masak kuih talam ubi kayu beberapa minggu lepas. Resepinya saya ambil di sini. Satu je langkah yang saya tak ikut dalam resepi tu. Saya tak perah isi ubi kayu yang telah disagat. Dah banyak kali saya buat kuih ni dan saya tak pernah perah isi ubi kayu tu, so far so good. Next time boleh try perah pulak kot dan tengok hasilnya, adakah sama saja atau berbeza. Resepinya simple saja. Lagi simple sebab saya gunakan food processor untuk menyagat ubi kayu. Memang mudah sangatlah kerjanya :) Kalau rajin bolehlah cuba :)

In action!

Siap disagat :) Simple!

Siap dimasak dalam loyang yang import dari Malaysia :)

Yeay! Boleh makan :))

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 months plus

Auni is already 13th weeks today. How time flies! I was browsing through her pictures and thought she looks so different. Its like she's a different person. She had her second immunisation today; one shot on each thigh. Jackie, the health visitor (HV) who weighed her said that Auni is very alert. Sure she is! She excitedly looking around the room and making comments -  in her on words of course :-)
Jackie also reminded me to bring Auni to Baby Social so that Auni can interact with other baby about her age. Baby Social is one the activities offered in Sure Start West Riverside Children's Centres programme in Newcastle. Sure Start Children's Centres are free services provided by the UK government. 
I actually plan to bring Auni to her Baby Social starting January next year. I feel a little bit guilty for not going NOW! I feel like I have not giving her the exposure she needs so that she can develop well.
Thing is all the activities in the Sure Start West Riverside Children's Centres programme run on weekdays. Weekdays are quite difficult for me because I go to school. I have already started going back to school before Auni is 2 months old. Yes, I am probably being selfish here. However, I do not have much time even though my scholarship last until June next year.

Auni, I'm sorry baby. I'll do my best OK.

Auni on Day 1.

Auni @ 1 month

Auni @ 2 months

Auni @ 3 months
 These two are my favorites; reminds me of how small she was.

Auni less than a month ~ with Ibu

Auni less than a month ~ with Papa