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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Auni is already 14 months this month. How time flies. She's more mobile now, non-stop walking/running in the house. Well, she's not actually running running, but she does walk fast. Daring us to catch her. She is curious about everything. Touching and tasting everything everywhere.

Sometime she does push my buttons. Like when she tries to climb out of the bath tub whenever I'm done giving her a shower . I've tried to reason with her, explaining that it is dangerous to do so. I know, I know some of you might think I'm crazy trying  to explain things to a toddler but I believe that is much better than shouting at her.

These past few days, she put her head and body in a position as she is about to do a somersault. I always picked her up immediately if I saw her doing it. Yesterday she did it again and that was when I raised my voice. She starts crying of course but calm down immediately when I hugged her. I'm worried if she do it when I'm in the toilet or in the kitchen. Do I worry unnecessarily?

eager to write whenever she sees a pen/pencil :)

playing 'ghost' with my tudung :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life can be hard sometimes

Life a little crazy these days. With my husband working almost full time and me trying to finish this endless journey. Yes, I am still writing my thesis. In the middle of that, I am still working on my second case study. Totally different data set (i.e. different measurement, different variables, etc). To make things more worse challenging, after I have produced multiple sets of results from my model on this data, we (my postdoc, the professor from the collaboration research team & myself) found that the analysis just represent 5% of the total data population. Eeekkk... It is not anybody fault. Let's just say things happen and they happen for a reason. This happened mid-August. So by now, I've recovered from the stress and panic that glitch had caused.

I've met with my supervisor last two weeks and highligted some obsevations and conclusions drawn from my second case study. Also, I try to negotiate with her to put a pause/stop in this second case study. I totally understand why they (research team) are passionate with the method I'm working on but I am at the point where I want to continue with the research but my funding has already run out. In fact, my funds ran out in July 2012. This second case study (as well as my first case study) if fully succesfull will be quite a breakthrough in an emerging field.

Pushing through all this hardships has most of the time takes its toll on me. Really. I'm ever so grateful to Allah for giving an understanding and supportive husband. Sometimes he can looks like he does not care because he didn't ask about my research progress. But I know he cares when he is alright if I don't cook for certain day (which is seldom), when he said we arrange for packing our things once you get your date for viva, and many other instances.

Ya Hayyu, ya Qayyumu, bi-rahmatika astaghithu 
(O the Living, O the Eternal, I seek help in Your grace)

boleh hubungi saya di...

Pada Maria & Zakiah yang meminta alamat emel saya, cik/ puan boleh hubungi saya di alamat emel berikut:
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mana2 pun ok saja :)

Terima kasih sudi meluangkan masa berkunjung ke blog saya, meninggalkan komen & menguhubungi saya :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Auni is 1 today

You are so happy to be out and about :)

Our Auni is expected to be delivered on the 23rd August, 2011 but she didn't. We think she liked it too much in there :)
At first we thought she wanted to wait until 1st Syawal to make her debut. Erkk... WRONG! No sign of her. Then we thought she wanted to be 'anak merdeka' (31st August). Errk... WRONG again!.
Finally, on the 7th of September, nearly at the turn of the clock to reach midnight, there she is. Lots of hair (and long too, reaching her neck) & kicking on her way out; our precious Auni.
You refuse to smile even the tiniest bit at the photography shop :(
 Auni, you are ONE year old today. Happy Birthday Darling :)
There's so much happening during this one year and sometime I forget to record them. Even though I forget to record them, it does not mean I forget about them. So here are some of the fondest memories in your 1st year...
  1.  You are such a good baby. You start sleeping well at the age of 1-2 months. Bless you.
  2. At 5 months, you start saying Ibu and Papa.
  3. You always smile even with strangers.
  4. The things people always say about you is "Auni is such a happy baby." and "She's not afraid of other people." & "She has lovely eyes.
  5. You like watching your nasyid Anak-Anak Islami.
  6. You like watching Fireman Sam & Numtums, and of course your favorites: Baby Jack & Raa Raa The Noisy Lion.
  7. You like going to playgroup and making friends with other babies.
  8. You kick hard, even in the water (remember the time you go to such a distance in the water during your Water Peep session).
  9. You like to JUMP when you are about 6-7 months old. I mean REALLY JUMP!
  10. You start taking small steps when you are about 8 months old.
  11. And one evening, as we were playing bubbles, you start to confidently walk just so that you can catch the bubbles :)
  12. You like to clap whenever we sing to you.
  13. Sometimes you woke up at night and clap your hand :)
  14. You are always so determine.
  15. You are one cheeky little girl. Whenever you sit on our lap, or when we hold you, and we are not paying attention to you, you would nod you head sideway and make funny faces :)
  16. You would sit on my lap when I sit between prostration and during Tahiyat whenever I am performing solat.
  17. You succeeded in doing your vertical climbing about two days ago.
  18. You are quite ahead of many milestones except for first tooth. Your first tooth debut itself when you are about 9 months old.
... and of all things, you are truly a MIRACLE to us.

Laughing & clapping your way around town :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping at Dorothy Perkins and H&M

I got to know from a friend that a (or two?) H&M store will open soon in Malaysia.
The first thing that cross my mind is what is the price range of the clothings, etc?

Let me share with you some of my shopping experience at Dorothy Perkins and H&M. I don't go shopping for myself often (shopping for my daughter is entirely a different episode :P). If I do, it's usually during sales months, like Boxing Day (starts on the next day afer Christmas going on until January), Spring Sale (around March-April) and Summer Sale (around July-August). Even then, I rarely shop for clothes.

I consider the price range for clothings at Dorothy Perkins and H&M as affordable if compared to clothings line at John Lewis, Debenhams, and Fenwick (this great store does not have an online store, what a shame!) to name a few. Even if you convert the UK prices to Malaysian Ringgit, I'd still say it is quite cheap compared to Dorothy Perkins and H&M prices in Malaysia. Dorothy Perkins for example, most of the time has a sale for two pairs of jeans at the price of 25pound. That is only RM100!!! At H&M, you can get a pair of jeans at 3pound (RM15)! YES! I am not kidding you girls, that is during summer sale!

(Just so you know, the quality of the clothings at John Lewis and Fenwick are way at the top compared to Dorothy Perkins and H&M)

There's another store which has plenty of pretty clothing lines for kids, it is called NEXT. I love love love NEXT's kids clothing; the quality, the design and the colours are fabulous! NEXT usually has about 3-4 sales lined up in a year. The sales start at 6.00a.m. in the morning and people starts queueing in front of the store around 4a.m! I know it sounds CRAZY but believe me, it is worth it. Sadly, I always miss NEXT's sales. I always got to know about it the day after the sales. So by the time I went all the good stuff has been taken. The only time I got lucky was during NEXT's recent summer sale. I somehow got to know about the sale few hours after it started. Being few hours late, I went to the store with little interest because I know there's not much option anymore. Surprisingly, there're PLENTY more. The perk of NEXT sales is that all stuff are 50% off. If you have a little girl, imagine how to stay sane and not buying beautiful dresses at half the price!

I think one of the things which I'm gonna miss when I leave UK is the sales. I know it sounds horrible but that's the truth. I don't think I can get a pair of jeans for RM15 even at pasar malam :(

Oh! Why don't I mention anything about Mark & Spencer? Well, let's just say their clothings lines (design and price wise) aren't so interesting (to my taste).

When REALITY hits!

I was cleaning up my e-mail draft when I found the following rant of mine. I wrote this quite a while ago.

It was 5.30 in the evening. I was on my way to the toilet to clean up my coffee mug so that I have a clean mug to make coffee for tomorrow. At the landing of the staircase, I ran into Dr. Katarina, a previous ‘officemate’ of mine. She is a post-doc at our department in the university. We talked for few minutes mostly about how am I coping with work (and life!) after having a baby.

The conversation got me thinking of several things. Among others are:
· period of maternity leave
· quality time with my daughter
· bringing work back home

Most companies in the UK allows a maternity leave of 26 weeks of Ordinary Maternity Leave and 26 weeks of Additional Maternity Leave making that 52 weeks ( 1 year!) in total. It is a paid leave albeit not in full as is your salary. OK, enough about maternity leave.

I still remember my disbelief when a friend of mine who have two kids told me that she did not have time to watch any TV programme. By the way, she is working on her PhD too. I was pregnant at that time and I said,

“I’m busy too but I manage to fit in watching TV while folding my laundry.”

Now is when the reality hits me HARD.

I am a big fan of the Desperate Housewives series. I never missed an episode and I can never miss an episode. But now, it takes me like five sits to actually finish an episode. I’ve already mention it in my previous post, once I am home, my focus is my daughter until her bedtime is up. Once I put her to sleep, I am too tired to watch anything, sleeping is much more inviting.

I am pretty sure part of this is because of I am working on my PhD now. I am not one who likes to compare myself to others but I cannot help if some of my friends put up their facebook status as ‘… watching bla bla bla…” I do envy them.

I know some of you who read this up until this point will think that I am boasting. The thought “As if she’s the only one who is doing Phd” probably run through your head. Truth is I am not. This is my reality. Yours is probably different than mine, either its worse or better. I hope yours is the latter.

Bringing work back home is not something alien to me even during those days when I was still single. So when Dr. Katarina said she stayed up at night to finish her work, I totally understand that. The only difference is, I hardly stay up but I wake up early. Sometimes I do wonder how it feels to have a job where you do not have to physically bring home any work. Again I am by no means saying that my job is greater or better than others. And by no means I am whining. I am just wondering...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nobody begins their PhD with an aim not to finish (on time)

I wrote the above as my FB status last week. No, I wasn't particularly feeling extra sensitive or edgy when I wrote that down. Honest! It just crossed my mind that most people (especially those who are not working on getting a PhD) do not have a single idea on what a PhD is all about.

Some thought working on a PhD is similar to studying for your Bachelor degree (i.e. in 4-5 years, you'll graduate)

Some thought if you are a genius, you'll definitely get a PhD.

Some thought as long as you study like MAD (like those SPM candidates), you'll PASS your VIVA.

Some thought you have to go to classes just like undergrads.

Some thought you have semester breaks, again, just like undergrads.

Some thought if you are not anywhere near the university,  you are LAZY!

Let me tell you one thing, all the above are WRONG! Well, some are partially wrong.

In less than 0.01% is PhD similar to a Bachelor degree. In what way it is similar? The part that you have to know how to read and write. The rest aren't!

Being a genius is not a guarantee that a PhD is definitely yours. But being determine and persevere does.
edited: But being determine and persevere do help though it is still not guaranteed.
Of course you need to study like MAD, but not MAD MAD. You need to be critical of what you read & write. Also, critical but not overthinking and certainly not afraid of 'what if it fails?' in determining the methods (methodology) to achieve your objectives.
Yes, as a PhD candidate/student you may have to attend classes but there's a difference. Undergrads have their paths mapped out, what classes you take, when to take it, etc. In my case, I am not required to take any classes but I have to attend numbers of workshops (certain amount of credit hours per study year are compulsory) . So in regards to my information on PhD classes, if my information is not up to date, I apologize.
PhD students do not have semester breaks but we can apply for annual leave. In my university, we are entitled for 30 days annual leave per year (if I'm not mistaken).

PhD students have the flexibility to work from home. Probably not all, but I do. I can choose to work from home if I wish too. My supervisors are OK with that.

I notice an Anonymous leaving a comment in this post. Ms/Mr Anonymous ask:

faham tentang ikat perut pelajar phd di sana.cuma tak berapa nak faham sebab ramai jgk pelajar yang tak habis pengajian dlm masa yg ditetapkan oleh majikan. berlainan kalau pergi ke jepun. maaf saya hanya nak tahu.

July 18, 2012 7:17 PM

I will answer this in a later post, insya-Allah once I'm done with my writing up of the thesis. I will share with you (not just Ms/Mr Anonymous, but anyone who's willing to read a probably long post) my journey in working on my PhD. Probably from that, you'll gain an insight to answer the above question yourself. I can't promise when though.

For now let me finish with this:

Nobody (in their right mind) would want to not complete their PhD the soonest possible.

Ramadhan Kareem to all :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun hat for rainy days?

  Summer is supposedly here by now. Instead we have rainy days and windy days. Well, I am not complaining. I am enjoying the weather as long as I can. Once I am back in Malaysia, there'll be no more 'no sweat' days as it is here :)

I made Auni a sun hat last week using this tutorial the day before the Olympic Run reach Newcastle. The plan is for her to wear it on the day of the event so we can take pretty pictures. But it rained that afternoon. So no sun hat outside, just inside the house...

Here's some more pictures from the Torch Relay event in Newcastle.  

The Olympic mascot and us

One of the official sponsors. Oh! Such a nice phone!

THE Restaurant 'RASA NUSANTARA' at the back

I don't remember the name of this gentleman, but he is one of the England football player I think.

The guys in grey are policemen.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A recipe book for babies & toddlers

When I started introducing Auni to solid food a few months ago, I have to admit I was quite lost. Other than the usual 'nasi lembik', soups, carrot and potato, what else out there can I give her? I received suggestions and tips from relatives and friends but I was still not satisfied. Seriously, I am not going to give my little Auni rice one day and potato the other. What with the rest of the week? What with her 5 a day need (fruits & veggies?) Probably because I am sort of by the book person.  If there's a meal planner, that'll be great I think. I know there probaby plenty of baby recipes all over the internet websites but I don't want to waste my time jumping from one sites to another. Then I have to either print or copy the recipe into a book so that it comes handy when I need them. So I went searching for books and there they are. Recipe books for babies. I read Amazon's reviews for many books such as Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner , Weaning, and Lorraine Kelly's Baby and Toddler Eating Plan: Over 100 Healthy, Quick and Easy RecipesI end up buying the latter, a not so popular choice according to customers rating. Why? These two particular review is enough to stop me from buying the other books.

 I found it very strange that lots of recipes include sugar and salt??? Probably that is just my ignorance, I thought I should stay away from this ingredients until baby would be 1 y.o. - by oksi 

Great book if you have a larder the size of your local supermarket and nothing else to do all day. Some good ideas but not typically made up either of produce you would have at hand or meals you would normally make. ALso the recipes make large quantities so unless you freeze everything your baby will be eating the same meals all week. A little too idealistic for today's busy family
- by Wordsworth "reading junkie"

I am a very satisfied customer. The book is cheap. Yeah! The inside does not looks great, with its almost browny paper. But so what? The most important things are:
1) It inspires me to mix and match whatever I have in my fridge & kitchen to cook for Auni
2) Auni likes most of the recipes I tried so far

I am happy when the health visitor approves my choice of food that I gave Auni, like fishes (tuna, kod, salmon), lentils, pasta, rice, chicken, etc. I, on my own wouldn't have thought to give Auni lentils at her age. It turns out I am wrong because lentils is a very good source of protein and fibre.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jawapan kepada yang bertanya mengenai study di UK vs study di Malaysia

Saya tak tau nak letak tajuk apa, harapnya tajuk itu sesuai untuk saudari yang meninggalkan pertanyaan di entry Warkah Buat Auni II.
Mungkin selepas ini kalau ada yang ingin bertanya & mengharapkan jawapan dengan segera, dicadangkan menghantar emel terus kepada saya :)

Jujurnya saya terharu bila menerima soalan sebegini kerana rasanya saya bukanlah orang terbaik untuk dijadikan rujukan. Namun saya akan usahakan untuk menjawab mengikut kemampuan saya.

Untuk membuat pilihan, saya syorkan buatlah solat istikharah. Seriously, buatlah sampai hati kita menjadi tenang untuk memilih. Saya dulupun sebelum memilih supervisor, saya lakukan solat istikharah. Alhamdulillah, setakat ini banyak urusan saya dengan supervisor Allah permudahkan. Namun walaupun kita dah melakukan solat istikharah bukanlah bermakna the rest of the journey is a bed of roses without thorns. Bukan juga bermakna CONFRIM/ GUARANTEE kita akan dapat PhD. Itu semua berada dalam pengetahuan Allah swt. 

Jalan menuju ke destinasi untuk bergelar Doctor of Philosophy bukanlah jalan yang lurus seperti highway KL-Melaka. Jalannya penuh berliku, penuh suka duka. Dugaan dan cabaran ketika kita menjalani proses pembelajaran untuk mendapatkan PhD ini tidak terbatas dalam ruang lingkup diri kita dengan supervisor dan university saja. Sebaliknya dugaan dan cabaran datang dari pelbagai sudut. Kadang-kadang kita diuji dengan berita pemergian ahli keluarga, pasangan/anak sakit, kewangan dan bermacam lagi. Jadi, walaupun kita dah buat solat istikharah, usaha kita tidak berhenti di situ sahaja. Sebaliknya pergantungan kita kepada Allah itu perlu istiqamah. Susah nak istiqamah ni sebenarnya. Memetik kata-kata seorang kawan "Kita manusia bukannya malaikat, istiqamah kita ada ups and down." Jadi kita berusahalah ke arah untuk sentiasa istiqamah itu. 

Mengenai peluang pekerjaan professional, saya memang tak ada jawapan. Cadangan saya, lebih baik cuba memohon pekerjaan sebelum datang ke sini dan look at the response you get. Kalau dapat panggilan interview tu, insya-Allah saya rasa ada peluang.

Sekiranya saudari membuat keputusan untuk belajar di UK, tidak semestinya suami perlu berhenti kerja. Ada di kalangan rakan-rakan saya, mereka datang dengan helper/nanny untuk tujuan menjaga anak-anak. Manakala suami akan datang melawat 1-2 kali dalam setahun. Perlu diingatkan bahwa di sini, harga nursery sangat mahal.

Beberapa advantages yang saya rasakan bila belajar di luar negara ialah:
1- Kita hanya perlu menguruskan diri sendiri dan keluarga. Maksud saya, kalau di Malaysia, bila ada kenduri sama ada di sebelah keluarga kita atau di sebelah keluarga kita, sibuk atau tidak, kita perlu hadirkan diri. Betul tak? Kedengarannya memang selfish tapi itulah hakikatnya. Kemudian, bila tiba Hari Raya, paling tidak 1-2 minggu kita bercuti dari buat kerja. Itu belum termasuk lagi persiapan kitauntuk menyambut Hari Raya itu sendiri. Di sini (UK/ luar negara) walaupun saya buat open house setiap kali Aidilfitri, tapi ianya tidaklah memakan masa seperti berhari raya di Malaysia. Masing-masing belajar, jadi masing-masing faham kesibukan sesama kita. 

2- Rumah sewa dekat dengan universiti. Tak perlu mengharung jalan raya yang sesak untuk pergi & balik. 2 tahun pertama di UK, saya cuma berjalan kaki ke universiti. Dalam 20-30 minit saja. Pengangkutan awam pun sangat mudah & tak perlu menunggu lama kalau kita peka dengan jadual bas/train. 

3- Cuaca yang sejuk membuatkan kita kurang 'panas'. Panas dalam hati, panas pada tubuh badan. Hehehe.. ini point yang mengarut je tapi ada betulnya. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In terms of language, I think we Malaysians generally do not have a big problem. You will learn to communicate in English while you are here. Supervisors usually understand that English is our second language so they don't expect you to have flawless English. Sesetengah universiti seperti Newcastle University ada menyediakan kursus Bahasa Inggeris untuk postgraduate students FOC. Walaupun ianya tidak wajib, tapi saya ambil juga. Tak salah kita belajar untuk menambah pengetahuan dan dalam masa yang sama boleh membantu kita. Satu yang perlu saya beritahu ialah di UK ni, lain tempat lain slang Bahasa Inggerisnya. Tempat seperti Newcastle ni di mana penduduk asalnya dipanggil Geordie, slangnya agak pekat dan kadang-kadang perkataan yang kita memang tak pernah dengar seumur hidup.  
Hia = here
Bus (sebutan baku) = Bas
Haway= Come on
Agyen = Again
Meself= Myself

Nah! Saya confident sangat, kalau orang yang IELTS 9 sekalipun pasti terpinga-pinga mendengarkan perkataan ini. Tempat-tempay seperti Liverpool dan Manchester juga slangnya pekat dan berlainan sungguh. Cubalah cari interview Steven Gerard di youtube dan cuba dengar. Hehehe...

Untuk diri saya, Alhamdulillah, saya tiada masalah dengan IELTS mungkin sebab saya graduate dari US; dan sebelum ke US dulu saya perlu menghadiri kursus intensif Bahasa Inggeris. Salah seorang dari supervisor saya adalah Geordie dan masa awal-awal dulu, adalah juga beberapa perkataan yang dia sebut tu saya tak dapat tangkap. But it is not a problem for me to continue with my research work. Jadi, masalah BI ni bukanlah masalah besar, jangan risau OK :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elaun untuk pasangan dalam pengetahuan saya memang akan diberikan kepada pelajar-pelajar yang membawa pasangan. Ramai je yang pasangannya mengambil unpaid leave. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Elaun yang diberikan oleh KPT+U akan cukup kalau cuaca di sini sentiasa summer. Ataupun saudari tinggal di rumah yang tak perlu pasang heater (which is impossible). Dari pengalaman saya, duit banyak habis kat bil gas & elektrik. Jadi bila kita dah guna duit KPT+ U untuk membayar segala bil, baki yang tinggal cukuplah untuk makan. Oh! Makanan di sini insya-Allah masih murah walaupun harganya sudah naik sedikita berbanding tahun-tahun sebelum ini. Ayam, kambing & sayur murah. Daging lembu mahal sedikit. Ikan kalau musim panas lebih murah berbanding musim sejuk. Kalau tinggal di kawasan yang ada jeti, lebih baik beli ikan di jeti sebab harganya jauh lebih murah dari di pasar. 

Saya rasa memang perlu bekerja. Tambah-tambah lagi ada anak. Kita mesti nak beli mainan & pakaian untuk anak-anakkan? Sekali sekala nak juga pergi jalan-jalan untuk menghilangkan stress belajar. Yelah, nak balik kampung jauh. Jadi untuk perkara-perkara tambahan sebegini, perlulah bekerja. Dan kalau ada perancangan untuk membeli sedikit sebanyak barang keperluan rumah di Malaysia, maka perlulah bekerja. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Harapnya, segala yang saya tulis ni dapat membantu. All the best in your study! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quran stories for kids

Dalam post yang lepas, Puan Nurul Huda of Temporary Getaway ada bertanya di mana nak dapatkan buku-buku yang pernah saya ceritakan dalam post Rutin saya. Setelah berbincang dengan suami, kami mengambil inisiatif untuk menjual buku-buku ini di Malaysia.

Boleh tengok di link Quran Stories for Kids ini.
Nanti bila ada kelapangan saya akan upload di blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warkah untuk Auni II

Assalamualaikum Auni, anakanda yang ibu papa sayang,

Ibu tidak sepatutnya membuang masa di sini tatkala ibu dihimpit kesempitan waktu sebegini. Ibu punya kurang dari 4 bulan untuk menyudahkan pembelajaran ibu. Jika tidak, ibu harus memohon pemanjangan (extension) tempoh cuti belajar untuk kali kedua dari majikan ibu. Walaupun hakikatnya ibu masih punya tempoh 10 bulan di tempat ibu belajar untuk menyiapkan semua analisis dan penulisan tesis ibu.

Sebetulnya ibu rasa bersalah pada Auni, sungguh. Terasa ibu masih kurang ilmu untuk menjadi ibu yang terbaik untuk Auni. Ibu baru membaca Wallahi..kami letih sebentar tadi dan sepanjang pembacaan ibu terfikir, akukah isteri yang merungut itu?  Akukah ibu yang sering mengulang-ulang perkataan letih itu? Ya, jawapannya YA walaupun ibu seringkali cuba memujuk hati untuk sabar & tahu erti bersyukur, punya suami yang memahami dan anak yang tidak banyak kerenah.

Kenapalah sukar benar untuk ibu bangun solat malam walaupun ibu sering terjaga sebelum masuknya waktu Subuh?
Kenapalah semakin culas mengulang pembacaan surah-surah Al-Quran walaupun itu yang ibu tekadkan dalam hati?
Bagaimana mungkin ibu mampu mendidik Auni untuk melakukan ini semua jika ibu tidak mampu mendidik diri ibu sendiri?

Ibu tidak mungkin dapat menjadi ibu yang sempurna tapi ibu akan berusaha untuk menjadi ibu yang mampu menjadi role model terbaik untuk Auni, Insya-Allah.

Ya Allah, lidah ini, hati ini seringkali mengharapkan pertolongan-Mu, bantuan-Mu, tetapi amal ini, perbuatan ini seringkali tercicir dari memahatkan pengharapan pada-Mu. Bantulah aku Ya Allah.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here is an original CHELSEA home jersey No. 8 (size Adult M) for sale. Anyone interested, just e-mail me OK :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jawapan Kepada Soalan-soalan yang lepas

Saya baru perasan ada beberapa soalan yang dikemukan dalam komen-komen yang ditinggalkan. Minta maaf sangat-sangat sebab saya tak perasan komen tu. Untuk pembaca yang bertanya, harap puas hati dengan jawapan yang saya beri ni :)

Soalan 1 -from ikhramismail dalam Tips mencari rumah sewa di UK
sy nak tny la..ade tips2 untuk senang dpt rumah sewe tak..bagi situasi sy, sy akn ke bath pada 17/9 hampir semua rumah sewe yg saya bekenan..tak nak ambik student.pastu tul ker kalo nak deposit murah kene ade akuan bank kat uk..kalo tak diorang akn mintk sampai 6 bulan deposit..keje giler tu...

Tips nak dapatkan rumah sewa mudah ialah amik rumah sewa dari senior yang dah nak balik. Tetapi perlu diingatkan agar meminta tuan rumah ganti semua barang-barang yang rosak & baiki mana-mana bahagian rumah yang tak elok. Seboleh-bolehnya pastikan tuan rumah cat baru. Kalau rasa patut,minta tuan rumah ganti karpet. Bukan apa, kebanyakkan rumah sewa di UK ni (sepanjang rumah kawan-kawan yang saya pernah pergi), memang mengalami masalah kelembapan. Jadi bahagian bilik mandi& tandas serta dapur mudah berkulat. Eh! Bilik tidur pun mudah berkulat juga!

Berkenaan dengan deposit 6 bulan tu, saya tak pernah dengar pulak. Kebiasaan yang saya pernah alami, deposit hanya sebulan sewa rumah.

Soalan 2 -from Ghostz dalam Tips mencari rumah sewa di UK
Salam..Actually tgh cr info about life in Newcastle Uni when I came across ur blog.Sy akan start class Sept 2011, so mmg tgh cr info or tips about life kat sane. I'm a bit worried sbb dapat uni accomodation dkt Bowsden Court, South Gosforth.Is it really a hassle to take the Metro everyday?FYI, sy student Mara.Do share ur thoughts.Thanks!

Rasanya Encik/Cik Ghostz ni mesti dah selamat sampai ke Newcastle. Saya tak dapat nak jawab soalan ni dengan 100% kepastian sebab tak pernah naik metro. Cumanya mungkin terpaksa mengeluarkan belanja lebih sedikit untuk tambang metro berbanding dengan tinggal di kawasan yang berhampiran dengan universiti. Juga sekiranya ada strike macam baru-baru ni, mungkin terpaksa memilih untuk work from home.

Soalan 3 -from An Aspiring Writer dalam Burp Cloth & Baby Laundry Sack - DONE
puan dilla, ada tutorial burp cloth yg puan boleh share? saya tgk kain burp puan tu tak jelas bahan apa yg diguna..blh explain?

Update on burp cloth. Pada saya burp cloth ini sangat berguna! Auni anak dara saya tu sekarang dah pandai meluahkan susu bila dia moody ataupun bila dia tak berapa nak minum sangat. Kalau guna bib biasa memang sah baju pun basah sama. Jadi kami gunakan burp cloth ni sebagai bib/alas dada Auni ketika dia minum susu. Kalau dia jeluak atau muntah semasa/selepas minum susu, mudah nak lap pun ye jugak.

Burp cloth yang saya jahit, saya gunakan kain tuala dan kain cotton atau polycotton. Kain tuala tu saya beli tuala paling besar dan kemudian saya gunting ikut size burp cloth yang saya kehendaki.

Ini ada beberapa link tutorial burp cloth.

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

Soalan 4: from Blogger~cahaya~ & Huddy dalam Rutin
mana beli buku yang first 2 tu? berminat laa... & Assalam dear, yup, interested with the first two books too :)

 Buku yang ditanya ini merujuk kepada posting ini Rutin. Kedua-dua buku ini suami saya beli di Newcastle, UK. Sekiranya ada yang berminat untuk mendapatkan buku ini, boleh maklumkan kepada saya. Saya & suami merancang untuk menambah lagi koleksi buku-buku untuk Auni. Jadi sekiranya ada yang mahu membeli, insya-Allah saya boleh beli & jual kepada rakan-rakan.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Rutin harian saya bermula dalam jam 5-6 pagi. Ikutlah serajin mana saya nak bangun. Hajat hati tu nak bangun lagi awal, dalam jam 4 gitu. Bolehlah study sikit kononnya. Dapatlah sekali dua bangun seawal jam 4, selebihnya tidak. Hehehe... Bangun je terus saya memasak untuk sarapan dan makan tengahari. Masakan untuk makan tengahari biasanya saya buat lebih supaya boleh dimakan untuk makan malam sekali. Siap masak, saya terus mandi & solat Subuh. Sekarang bolehlah solat Subuh lewat sikit sebab matahari terbit dalam jam 8.30a.m. gitu. Kemudian terus bersiap untuk pergi ke universiti. Kadang-kadang waktu begini Auni bangun untuk minum susu - bagi susu Auni, tukar lampin, sarapan dan terus ke sekolah. Kadang-kadang suami hantar dan kadang-kadang saya naik bas. Jam 9 atau 10 pagi hinggalah jam 6 petang saya peruntukkan masa untuk buat kerja PhD saya. Jam 6 petang tu sebenarnya dah gelap sangat sekarang ni tapi saya memilih untuk siap-siap solat Isyak di universiti supaya bila sampai di rumah dalam jam 7 malam boleh terus dinner dan main dengan Auni sebelum bedtime dia jam 9-10p.m..

Alhamdulillah Auni anak yang mengikut didikan, semoga berterusan insya-Allah. Seawal usia Auni 2 minggu, saya dah train dia supaya bersedia untuk tidur jam 8 malam. Sekarang ni bedtime dia dah berganjak dari jam 8 ke jam 9 atau 10. Adalah beberapa kali terlajak sekiranya dia terlampau letih dan tidur banyak di waktu siang. Bedtime routine Auni bermula dengan tukarkan lampin pakai buang dia, bacakan dia bedtime story (saya mula bacakan bedtime story waktu usia Auni dah nak masuk 3 bulan), tutup lampu supaya bilik gelap, berikan susu dan dodoikan dia.

Masa Auni umur menginjak ke 2 bulan, kami suami isteri risau jugak sebabnya Auni tidur dari jam 10 malam sampai jam 5 pagi. Tak sekalipun dia bangun untuk minum susu kecuali kalau kami kejutkan. Bila saya tanyakan pada Health Visitor (HV), katanya tak apa, itu tandanya Auni dah minum susu sampai kenyang di waktu siang. Jadi waktu malam Auni nak tidur dengan pulas. Syukur Alhamdulillah, bolehlah ibu dan papa tidur dengan nyenyak juga. Hehehe...

Antara buku-buku dan cerita-cerita yang saya bacakan untuk Auni:

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