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Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Auni is 1 today

You are so happy to be out and about :)

Our Auni is expected to be delivered on the 23rd August, 2011 but she didn't. We think she liked it too much in there :)
At first we thought she wanted to wait until 1st Syawal to make her debut. Erkk... WRONG! No sign of her. Then we thought she wanted to be 'anak merdeka' (31st August). Errk... WRONG again!.
Finally, on the 7th of September, nearly at the turn of the clock to reach midnight, there she is. Lots of hair (and long too, reaching her neck) & kicking on her way out; our precious Auni.
You refuse to smile even the tiniest bit at the photography shop :(
 Auni, you are ONE year old today. Happy Birthday Darling :)
There's so much happening during this one year and sometime I forget to record them. Even though I forget to record them, it does not mean I forget about them. So here are some of the fondest memories in your 1st year...
  1.  You are such a good baby. You start sleeping well at the age of 1-2 months. Bless you.
  2. At 5 months, you start saying Ibu and Papa.
  3. You always smile even with strangers.
  4. The things people always say about you is "Auni is such a happy baby." and "She's not afraid of other people." & "She has lovely eyes.
  5. You like watching your nasyid Anak-Anak Islami.
  6. You like watching Fireman Sam & Numtums, and of course your favorites: Baby Jack & Raa Raa The Noisy Lion.
  7. You like going to playgroup and making friends with other babies.
  8. You kick hard, even in the water (remember the time you go to such a distance in the water during your Water Peep session).
  9. You like to JUMP when you are about 6-7 months old. I mean REALLY JUMP!
  10. You start taking small steps when you are about 8 months old.
  11. And one evening, as we were playing bubbles, you start to confidently walk just so that you can catch the bubbles :)
  12. You like to clap whenever we sing to you.
  13. Sometimes you woke up at night and clap your hand :)
  14. You are always so determine.
  15. You are one cheeky little girl. Whenever you sit on our lap, or when we hold you, and we are not paying attention to you, you would nod you head sideway and make funny faces :)
  16. You would sit on my lap when I sit between prostration and during Tahiyat whenever I am performing solat.
  17. You succeeded in doing your vertical climbing about two days ago.
  18. You are quite ahead of many milestones except for first tooth. Your first tooth debut itself when you are about 9 months old.
... and of all things, you are truly a MIRACLE to us.

Laughing & clapping your way around town :)