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Friday, August 1, 2008

An Evening at A Spa

It's definitely not SPA Q. This is Secret Spa. Not like secret secret. Just the name is 'secret'. I don't have any shares in this biz, in case some of u wonder. Just I thought I'd like to share with my friends the spa package where u can get GREAT TREATMENT AT GREAT PRICE ;-).

For RM150, I have the chance to be heated up and soaking wet in the Sauna for 45 minutes, 30 minutes of scrubbing with a chocolaty scent scrub, yum-yum, another 45 minutes of jaquziing (errr.. is there such word?), i-cannot-remember-how-long feet soaking treatment, hair spa plus a standard facial.

Worth it right?

I might come back for another day at the spa. :)


Che' A aka Cik CT Albany said...

Bestnyer... nanti aku nk carik jugak laa Spa yg syariah compliance kat sini hahahaha kalau ada..

dla said...

hahaha... ada ke kat situ che'a?
eh.. ko balik mesia la..
melambak spa kat sini. pilih aje rawatan jenis camana yg ko suker ;)