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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh! You're pregnant?

I don't know whether to laugh or weep when people ask me "Oh!You're pregnant?".

Well, I am just about a month away from labour and I still get this question. I am not being overly sensitive here but I do start to wonder if my baby bump is not big enough to make me look like I'm pregnant. Or those who asked actually thought that my baby bump is really my stomach fat building up so much that it protruded several inches. Pheww!!!

I am having indigestion problems througout my third trimester. I can feel the gas and acid pushing up from my stomach to my throat. I lose my appetite. Yes! Again. I know people said be careful of what you wish for. I don't wish to be fat but I do wish I can eat like normal people at the very least. I think I am almost at the point where I come to hate eating. I have the tendency to throw up after every time I eat a meal. Horrible I know!  Most of the time dinner for me is either cereal or Nestum with milk. I rarely have the chance to enjoy rice or other heavy food for dinner. Goodbye to curries and other spicy dishes which I love so much before :(

Also, because of my indigestion problems, I keep burping all the time and its LOUD!
This happened about a week ago. I was on my way to the bus stop. I was already outside my school building when I realized it was raining and I left my umbrella in my room. So I had to climb the stairs to get back to my room. It was already 5-6 p.m at that time and I saw nobody around. I can feel gases bubbling inside my stomach so I let out a BIG BURP. Then I heard someone said "Bless you."

Oh my! Imagine my embarassment. Luckily I know that guy. So I said, "Errr.. sorry."

He then said, "What do you have for lunch?"

I replied, "It doesn't matter what I had for lunch. You see, this is kind of normal for pregnant women to experience indigestion and gases problems late in their pregnancy."

This was when he said, "Oh! You're pregnant?!"

I was like, 'Err... haven't you noticed?' But I simply said,"Yes I am."

This is not the first. Back to when I was in my 28 weeks I think, the same incident happened. So now, is my baby bump too small to be considered as being pregnant? Or I need to wear something that shows clearly how big my baby bump is?


tasha said...

yeay! akhirnya akak letak jgk gambar akak pregnant..nway akak, pasal baby bump nie..mmg ada pros n cons kan kalo baby bump kita x nmpk sgt..yg plg susahnya, kita tgh sakit kaki penat berjalan n berdiri, org xtau n xkan consider utk kasi kita their seat sbb org x tau kita pregnant..huhu..

tapi my gynea pulak said baru2 nie masa checkup, masa tu tasha complain kat dia apsal perut tasha x nmpk cam org pregnant..haha..dia kata u should feel lucky sbb maintain kurus jer..haha..kurus pe nyer, dh naik 10kg in 6 months..huhu..

nway, akaknyer baby bump tu nmpk jgk dgn tasha, HOD tasha tu dh 3 kali dh asyik terlupa yg tasha tgh pregnant *sigh*..

Dilla said...

tasha, suka sgt ada baby bump ni :)
tapi bila dah perut dah besar ni, nak tidur & nak berkalih waktu tidur pun payah. Apatah lagi nak menunduk angkat-angkat barang :(

Tasha, saya yang naik bas balik dari school ni, masa tak nampak baby bump dulu, rasa macam nak duduk je atas lantai bas tu tau! huhuhu

razmi5 said...

Sapa nama suami tu mcm kenal klang