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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sun hat for rainy days?

  Summer is supposedly here by now. Instead we have rainy days and windy days. Well, I am not complaining. I am enjoying the weather as long as I can. Once I am back in Malaysia, there'll be no more 'no sweat' days as it is here :)

I made Auni a sun hat last week using this tutorial the day before the Olympic Run reach Newcastle. The plan is for her to wear it on the day of the event so we can take pretty pictures. But it rained that afternoon. So no sun hat outside, just inside the house...

Here's some more pictures from the Torch Relay event in Newcastle.  

The Olympic mascot and us

One of the official sponsors. Oh! Such a nice phone!

THE Restaurant 'RASA NUSANTARA' at the back

I don't remember the name of this gentleman, but he is one of the England football player I think.

The guys in grey are policemen.


~cahaya~ said...

oh..mdm..dah lama tak tgk wajah terbaru..makin berseri2 ibu auni.. :)

Dilla said...

makasih Ira :)