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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping at Dorothy Perkins and H&M

I got to know from a friend that a (or two?) H&M store will open soon in Malaysia.
The first thing that cross my mind is what is the price range of the clothings, etc?

Let me share with you some of my shopping experience at Dorothy Perkins and H&M. I don't go shopping for myself often (shopping for my daughter is entirely a different episode :P). If I do, it's usually during sales months, like Boxing Day (starts on the next day afer Christmas going on until January), Spring Sale (around March-April) and Summer Sale (around July-August). Even then, I rarely shop for clothes.

I consider the price range for clothings at Dorothy Perkins and H&M as affordable if compared to clothings line at John Lewis, Debenhams, and Fenwick (this great store does not have an online store, what a shame!) to name a few. Even if you convert the UK prices to Malaysian Ringgit, I'd still say it is quite cheap compared to Dorothy Perkins and H&M prices in Malaysia. Dorothy Perkins for example, most of the time has a sale for two pairs of jeans at the price of 25pound. That is only RM100!!! At H&M, you can get a pair of jeans at 3pound (RM15)! YES! I am not kidding you girls, that is during summer sale!

(Just so you know, the quality of the clothings at John Lewis and Fenwick are way at the top compared to Dorothy Perkins and H&M)

There's another store which has plenty of pretty clothing lines for kids, it is called NEXT. I love love love NEXT's kids clothing; the quality, the design and the colours are fabulous! NEXT usually has about 3-4 sales lined up in a year. The sales start at 6.00a.m. in the morning and people starts queueing in front of the store around 4a.m! I know it sounds CRAZY but believe me, it is worth it. Sadly, I always miss NEXT's sales. I always got to know about it the day after the sales. So by the time I went all the good stuff has been taken. The only time I got lucky was during NEXT's recent summer sale. I somehow got to know about the sale few hours after it started. Being few hours late, I went to the store with little interest because I know there's not much option anymore. Surprisingly, there're PLENTY more. The perk of NEXT sales is that all stuff are 50% off. If you have a little girl, imagine how to stay sane and not buying beautiful dresses at half the price!

I think one of the things which I'm gonna miss when I leave UK is the sales. I know it sounds horrible but that's the truth. I don't think I can get a pair of jeans for RM15 even at pasar malam :(

Oh! Why don't I mention anything about Mark & Spencer? Well, let's just say their clothings lines (design and price wise) aren't so interesting (to my taste).


NenetPenne (NP) said...

i love DP

Dilla said...

You should come here! Seriously, every month ada sale you.

xoxo_fixa said...

salam n holla Dr Dilla,

FGS and OMG !!!!

the garments are really cheap compared to the store in Malaysia!!

i is sad if im not able to go there one fine day and let my shopping lust fulfil it desires. kat malaysia ni mdm org smua batak nak beli and they are like to die for bwk paper bag from that so-called highly branded stores.

im getting bored with the brand but now im looking a new side of fashion. yg x femes but the good quality design. better. but if kat sana dah murah wat for beli yg x da brand kan..

if and only if, i wish to be there and shop! as i wish. =)

Dilla said...

Salam soon to be Dr Fixa

Thanks for doa (padahal belum abis study lagi ni).

Seriously Fiza, saya bila tau harga baju2 for such brand kat Malaysia, memang rasa macam dirompak2 gitu. Eeiii... even kalau convert & plus tax pun, takkanlah sampai 4 fold harganyakan? Eeuuuwww!!!

Kat sini banyak je brand yang masih belum sampai ke Malaysia macam NEXT (which I feel quite expensive for a student like myself unless during their annual sale). Macam TOPMAN, River Island, semua tu dah ada kat Malaysia kan?
I don't know about PRIMARK, is there one in Malaysia? This is one brand which is considered as very very cheap for those who are are always in the 'IN' about fashion. Some people say the quality is very bad, some sad OK. As for me, I think it depends on the items. I bought some good winter tights from Primark a year ago. But their children tights are bad.

Nanti datang buat PhD kat UK. Tapi kat US lagi best rasanya. Lagi murah in terms of exchange rate :)

Maria said...

Setuju. Tak perlu tgk designer label pun cukup. pengalaman saya sejak ada baby ni, bila perhatikan barang2 baby yg basic di mothercare malaysia cukup mahal jika dibandingkan di luar negara (UK dan aussie). Kalau di malaysia, selepas discount (dan saya memegang loyalty card) pun masih tak mampu tgk price tag nya-cth RM80 untuk sehalai kemeja anak. Sedih juga.

Dilla said...

Saya pernah masuk ke Mothercare malaysia sekali saja. Itupun zaman bujang dulu menemani kawan yang mencari car seat utk anaknya.
Mahalnya kemeja sehelai dah mencecah RM80! Ridiculous isn't it?

Kat sini Mothercare pun dah banyak yang tutup. Kemelesetan ekonomi. Selalu je ada sale kat Mothercare sini. We just bought a pair of winter boots for Auni at GBP4.00 (about RM20-25- an on sale price). Murahkan? Baju jangan cakaplah, tukar je season, baju2 season yang lepas semua turun harga. Hemmm... kesian sungguhlah kat kita rakyat Malaysia tersiksa dengan harga barang yg mengarut sgt ni.