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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life can be hard sometimes

Life a little crazy these days. With my husband working almost full time and me trying to finish this endless journey. Yes, I am still writing my thesis. In the middle of that, I am still working on my second case study. Totally different data set (i.e. different measurement, different variables, etc). To make things more worse challenging, after I have produced multiple sets of results from my model on this data, we (my postdoc, the professor from the collaboration research team & myself) found that the analysis just represent 5% of the total data population. Eeekkk... It is not anybody fault. Let's just say things happen and they happen for a reason. This happened mid-August. So by now, I've recovered from the stress and panic that glitch had caused.

I've met with my supervisor last two weeks and highligted some obsevations and conclusions drawn from my second case study. Also, I try to negotiate with her to put a pause/stop in this second case study. I totally understand why they (research team) are passionate with the method I'm working on but I am at the point where I want to continue with the research but my funding has already run out. In fact, my funds ran out in July 2012. This second case study (as well as my first case study) if fully succesfull will be quite a breakthrough in an emerging field.

Pushing through all this hardships has most of the time takes its toll on me. Really. I'm ever so grateful to Allah for giving an understanding and supportive husband. Sometimes he can looks like he does not care because he didn't ask about my research progress. But I know he cares when he is alright if I don't cook for certain day (which is seldom), when he said we arrange for packing our things once you get your date for viva, and many other instances.

Ya Hayyu, ya Qayyumu, bi-rahmatika astaghithu 
(O the Living, O the Eternal, I seek help in Your grace)


afi said...

oh akak, i feel you. almost the same case with you, mmg sakit but hopefully it's worth the pain. tapi insya Allah once you're near to finish, rasa lega teramat. see you soon insya Allah.

ezra_fitz said...

kuatkan semangat, doa kami di Malaysia sentiasa bersama madam. ol da best. :)

Wan's Family @ Southampton,UK said...

kuatkan semangat dilla, i always know you can do it,..remember, ALLAH takkan uji jika kita tak mampu dgn ujian itu, I know i know, I am not in your shoes, but I believe you will go through and succeed. All the best my friend!! Kami sentiasa mendoakan dan menanti di sini. To afi too, All the best both dear friends! Semoga ALLAH memudahkan segala urusan, ameen.

Greg Bohannon said...

setbacks always happen with writing thesis. it's just a good thing that you have your research team to give you the thesis help that you need. i hope you're getting the problems fixed with little trouble as possible.