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Friday, July 20, 2012

Nobody begins their PhD with an aim not to finish (on time)

I wrote the above as my FB status last week. No, I wasn't particularly feeling extra sensitive or edgy when I wrote that down. Honest! It just crossed my mind that most people (especially those who are not working on getting a PhD) do not have a single idea on what a PhD is all about.

Some thought working on a PhD is similar to studying for your Bachelor degree (i.e. in 4-5 years, you'll graduate)

Some thought if you are a genius, you'll definitely get a PhD.

Some thought as long as you study like MAD (like those SPM candidates), you'll PASS your VIVA.

Some thought you have to go to classes just like undergrads.

Some thought you have semester breaks, again, just like undergrads.

Some thought if you are not anywhere near the university,  you are LAZY!

Let me tell you one thing, all the above are WRONG! Well, some are partially wrong.

In less than 0.01% is PhD similar to a Bachelor degree. In what way it is similar? The part that you have to know how to read and write. The rest aren't!

Being a genius is not a guarantee that a PhD is definitely yours. But being determine and persevere does.
edited: But being determine and persevere do help though it is still not guaranteed.
Of course you need to study like MAD, but not MAD MAD. You need to be critical of what you read & write. Also, critical but not overthinking and certainly not afraid of 'what if it fails?' in determining the methods (methodology) to achieve your objectives.
Yes, as a PhD candidate/student you may have to attend classes but there's a difference. Undergrads have their paths mapped out, what classes you take, when to take it, etc. In my case, I am not required to take any classes but I have to attend numbers of workshops (certain amount of credit hours per study year are compulsory) . So in regards to my information on PhD classes, if my information is not up to date, I apologize.
PhD students do not have semester breaks but we can apply for annual leave. In my university, we are entitled for 30 days annual leave per year (if I'm not mistaken).

PhD students have the flexibility to work from home. Probably not all, but I do. I can choose to work from home if I wish too. My supervisors are OK with that.

I notice an Anonymous leaving a comment in this post. Ms/Mr Anonymous ask:

faham tentang ikat perut pelajar phd di sana.cuma tak berapa nak faham sebab ramai jgk pelajar yang tak habis pengajian dlm masa yg ditetapkan oleh majikan. berlainan kalau pergi ke jepun. maaf saya hanya nak tahu.

July 18, 2012 7:17 PM

I will answer this in a later post, insya-Allah once I'm done with my writing up of the thesis. I will share with you (not just Ms/Mr Anonymous, but anyone who's willing to read a probably long post) my journey in working on my PhD. Probably from that, you'll gain an insight to answer the above question yourself. I can't promise when though.

For now let me finish with this:

Nobody (in their right mind) would want to not complete their PhD the soonest possible.

Ramadhan Kareem to all :)


afi said...

you are so right k dilla! may ALlah reward us with patience and strength.

Anonymous said...

Well said dear!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

Set the target.. boost up motivation!.. InsyaAllah boleh!

AJ The Mommy said...

really inspiring. Thanks for that and wishing u all the best! =)

fixa_kiyoki said...

enuff said i guess madam.. saya yg baru bertatih wat master ni pun dah rasa mcm nak gigit2 meja dan rebus buku and jurnal.
ppl will always think but never validate their thought.


all da best Dr Dilla.

deena awanis said...

as-salam..i'm a phd candidate too..tapi buat kat malaysia je..follow u..

anyway, 100% agree with u. i kesian with my brother in law sbb family pressure kenapa dia tak habis2 lagi study.well,f course they'll never understand.

bErRy said...

well said, sis!.. :)
im still a newbie, just enrolled less than a month.. having a 5mo baby at the same time with no husband around (he will join us later in 2nd yr).. hmm.. insyaAllah He will ease us along the journey.. ;)

Dolores Bruch said...

even with all the trials, we know that we could still get through this. i hope we all get through our dissertation writing done successfully. this is motivation for all of us. good luck to everybody!