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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Auni is already 14 months this month. How time flies. She's more mobile now, non-stop walking/running in the house. Well, she's not actually running running, but she does walk fast. Daring us to catch her. She is curious about everything. Touching and tasting everything everywhere.

Sometime she does push my buttons. Like when she tries to climb out of the bath tub whenever I'm done giving her a shower . I've tried to reason with her, explaining that it is dangerous to do so. I know, I know some of you might think I'm crazy trying  to explain things to a toddler but I believe that is much better than shouting at her.

These past few days, she put her head and body in a position as she is about to do a somersault. I always picked her up immediately if I saw her doing it. Yesterday she did it again and that was when I raised my voice. She starts crying of course but calm down immediately when I hugged her. I'm worried if she do it when I'm in the toilet or in the kitchen. Do I worry unnecessarily?

eager to write whenever she sees a pen/pencil :)

playing 'ghost' with my tudung :)


Wan's Family @ Southampton,UK said...

Auni oh Auni, Sayaaangggg Auni!!

{IrisM} said...

Hey there :)
I created a new little challenge/section on the blog where every week I share a song, a film, a book, and something else that I love.

You're more than welcome to participate by doing it on your blog too :)
If you do, just leave a little comment to let me know!