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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dah ada?

Apa yang dah ada?

Dulu masa bujang, orang selalu tanya:
-Dah ada bf ke belum?
-Bila nak kawin?
-Kenapa tak kawin lagi? -Hoho.. as if (o_o)

Dan skrg bila dah kawin, orang tanya pulak:
-Dah ada isi? (ayoyo..can I say- I just had my breakfast, so 'memang ada isi until I b*r*k)

Dan agaknya bila dah ada 1 or 2 anak, orang akan tanya:
-Cukup ke?
-Bila nak tambah lagi?

I don't know whether this is a part of our so called 'beautiful Malaysian culture' or wat.

*When I was single, I don't owe them(those who asked but they actually didn't really care about your answer!) anything where I have to explain to them why I'm still single. But I did enjoy giving nasty + sarcastic remarks to these nosy people. Hahaha... and I do have quite a list of nasty remarks :).. (refer last par)

*Now that I'm already married, I don't have to explain to them that I cannot get pregant until my gynae say 'GO'! They just wouldn't understand unless I narrated the whole long story (cysts+laparactomy+diagnosis+cancer+chemotherapy+etc) which I believe they couldn't care less.

So.. why ask?
I guess they run out of topic. So they think 'the question' is the safest topic for them to use.
People might have the impression that I'm so stuck up when I write something like this. But truly, haven't you notice that some people around you just couldn't resist asking you such question. And those people are people whom you meet once a year, people whom you don't include in your list of good/close frens, people whom you categorize them as 'acquintance' rather than 'frens'.

I guess, we should ask another set of questions to these people. Questions like:
*ON 'bila nak kawin/dah ada bf?'
-perlu ke saya kawin skrg? (hint: do emphasize on 'perlu' & 'skrg')
-kenapa tak tanya bile saya nak mati? sibuk dok tanya bila saya nak kawin...
-makcik/anak makcik tgh cari MADU ke? ( hahaha.. you've got to be REALLY CAREFUL to use this one)
-makcik/kak______ (fill in the blank), ni list ciri2 bakal suami yg saya cari. Bole tolong carikan? (it'll do you some good if you have a list which is thicker than any philosophy undergrad textbook)

*ON 'dah ada isi?'
-makcik/kak______, ada 'position2' yg daring&berkesan untuk saya cuba? kalau bole demo lagi bagus! ;)

..later on this. Got to start doing my work now.:)



Che' A aka Cik CT Albany said...

thumb ups....totally agree ...100%!!!
typical malay nyer mind set...
it just another story for them to tell other" si x ni bla-bla-bla..." they don't have other thing to do..or to think about...other than gossiping about other's flaws..or whatever..
Only Allah knows the best..

dla said...

ko sonok le che'a dok jauh nuuuun di sana. takde yg menanya. aku ni sampai makcik cleaner tu pun sibuk bertanya. huhuhu...