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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Perfect Blend

In my previous post I mentioned about making few batches of Snow Almond cookies. Only today I got the chance to coat the cookies with melted chocolate and then roll them into a mix of almond nips and bread crumbs. My husband and I plan to have an Aidil Fitri open house this Saturday. Most of the cookies I made during Ramadhan are gone. (We have a huge crowd coming to celebrate Eid on the first of Syawal). Thing is I always always always have problem with chocolate melting task. I don't know why but I think me and  chocolate melting task just aren't meant to be together.

 Cookies coated with an ASDA brand baking milk chocolate.

I used an ASDA brand chocolate milk bar before but I don't really like its color. Its not shiny enough and when I add a wee bit of butter while I was melting it, it turns into this ugly lump. Arrrghhhh... It tastes good though.

 ASDA milk choc for home baking alongside GREEN'S BLACK dark chocolate.

I braved myself today to melt another bar of chocolate of a different brand. I started with half bar. While waiting for the chocolate to melt, I washed some dishes. Then I heard a loud pop from the stove. For all I know, the glass bowl which I used as a double boiler cracked into few pieces. One of those pieces decided to take a diving lesson and dived onto the kitchen floor. I have to throw everything into the waste bin (except for the pot which I used to boil water). Just so you know, that bar of chocolate is quite expensive compared to the ASDA brand. It is a dark chocolate and it shines beautifully when melted. Tastes wise, hemmm... not so good compared to the ASDA brand milk chocolate. 

 Cookies coated with GREEN'S BLACK baking milk chocolate.

 Anyway, after quite a number of experiments with the melted chocolate, I finally found a perfect blend for me. Well, I admit it is not so perfect, but it's acceptable. To have the perfect blend, I need to melt the expensive dark chocolate bar with the ASDA brand milk chocolate bar together. The result, a shiny melted chocolate with a yummy taste :)  So here it is, my Snow Almond cookies.

 H-A-P-P-Y!!! My Snow Almond Cookies.

On another note, I bought a couple of white chocolate milk bars to make a white chocolate cake for my husband. To my surprise, on their box, there's a line stating "FROM MALAYSIA COCOA BEANS2. Oh! I'm soooo proud because here and there in the UK I have seen so many products from other Asian's countries. For example, CHAOKOH coconut milk from Thailand, AMOY oyster sauce from HONG KONG, and of course hundreds of brands from India and Pakistan like PATAKS' tikka masala and beriyani pastes. It may mean nothing to some people but this is among the things that make me think, Malaysia has a lot of excellent products from its agriculture sector but fail to compete with its next door neighbor. Why it is not happening? Hemmm...

Look closely and you'll be able to see the line I'm raving about :)

p/s: I'll share the recipe when I'm done with some editing. :)

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Salihah said...

mdm ni..suke nak mengliurkan (ehh btulke eja) saye ngan biskut2 raye yg best..dhla ruma jaaauuhhhhhhh..kalo x mmg dah dtg dah raye..yeayy/ nnti mdm letak resepinye k.tetibe plak saye rajen nak men masak2 skarg ni..hehe