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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade toys

I've made few toys for Auni. Long before she was born. I'm glad I did. I can't hardly find time to sew nowadays. I'm busy spending time with her. She grows up too quickly. Sometime I think I miss out quite a lot on her development. She's learning new things everyday from watching us and from her surrounding.

Close up. Front row: A Family of Beddy-Bye Beast; Back row: Doll and Rabbit
Meet Dolly the Chef. Her apron is missing in Auni's laundry pile :P
Introducing Beddy-Bye Beast family of five: Batik Bear, Dot-Dot Rabbit, Sleepy Brown Monkey, Flowery Cat and Yellow Chicken
Bunny and her dress.
 Link to toys tutorials:
 I made some changes on the fabric selection here. Instead of felt, I simply use my fabric scraps and it works just fine.I also made closed pockets at the back of the bear and the chicken and add a squeaker and bells inside them.

I haven't altered anything for this doll but I wish I had. If I'm making another, I would make her legs more meatier.

A little note of advice if you want to give this bunny and her dress a go. You can either sew with the paper pattern provided attached to your fabric or  add another 1/4 to 1/2 inches all around for seams. I made two dresses for the bunny :)

Thank you for reading and Happy Sewing :)


Una said...

Wah mdm! Nak satu..hehe~ Boleh bukak toys factory nih.. Tunjuk kat mak saya nih mau dia geram tengok..haha

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