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Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 months plus

Auni is already 13th weeks today. How time flies! I was browsing through her pictures and thought she looks so different. Its like she's a different person. She had her second immunisation today; one shot on each thigh. Jackie, the health visitor (HV) who weighed her said that Auni is very alert. Sure she is! She excitedly looking around the room and making comments -  in her on words of course :-)
Jackie also reminded me to bring Auni to Baby Social so that Auni can interact with other baby about her age. Baby Social is one the activities offered in Sure Start West Riverside Children's Centres programme in Newcastle. Sure Start Children's Centres are free services provided by the UK government. 
I actually plan to bring Auni to her Baby Social starting January next year. I feel a little bit guilty for not going NOW! I feel like I have not giving her the exposure she needs so that she can develop well.
Thing is all the activities in the Sure Start West Riverside Children's Centres programme run on weekdays. Weekdays are quite difficult for me because I go to school. I have already started going back to school before Auni is 2 months old. Yes, I am probably being selfish here. However, I do not have much time even though my scholarship last until June next year.

Auni, I'm sorry baby. I'll do my best OK.

Auni on Day 1.

Auni @ 1 month

Auni @ 2 months

Auni @ 3 months
 These two are my favorites; reminds me of how small she was.

Auni less than a month ~ with Ibu

Auni less than a month ~ with Papa


~cahaya~ said...

mdm..yang masa 3rd month tu pipi dah macam iman masa kecik2.. memang both iman and auni comey la ksimpulannye.. heeeee... :)

knv said...

omg omg! bestnyaaa baby! aku jeles ko dok sana macam2 program ada kan for babies. so silalah beranak banyak2 dan dok sana lama2 sikit ahhaha!

x0x0-fixa said...

i almost crying seeing auni's pic madam...
she is so sweet lil pricess..
all da best with ur PhD and ur family..

with love:

kak ina kl said...

salam ziarah..comelnya baby girl ini..kamu masih lagi di uk ker?

mrs plain-june said...

auni the comellista baby! pipi makin labuh! geram nak cubit!!!

Dilla said...

Part pipi tu saya pun geramnak gigit. hehehe

beranaka lagi?! insya-Allah :) tapi tunggu Auni 2-3 tahun.

makasih makasih :) so boleh tak saya nak cop auni jadi flower girl awak ni? hehehe

@kak ina kl:
terima kasih. ye kak, saya masih di uk.

@mrs plain-june:
makasih Ju. bukan pipi je labuh Ju, kaki yg dulu saya takut nak pegang sebab halus sangat, sekarang dah berisi pejal! hehehe...

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

she is so cute.. lama x nampak updates!..