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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let's Learn English Together!

Hi everyone :)

Learning English-whether its writing or speaking or whatever form it is- is vey much easier when we have the 'right teacher'+the 'right book' + the 'right environment'. One of my teachers in primary school said that 'You have mastered your English once you start dreaming in English'. Hahaha.. I don't know how true is that anyway... :D

Back to learning English language, I was watching Oprah's show the other day when she brought up the subject of using aposthrophe 's' after a compound noun,
for example: Saremah and Jannah's vacation.
Some of us might say- 'That's wrong!". It should have been : Saremah's and Jannah's vacation. Well, the first one is actually correct(if we are refering to the same vacation) and the latter is wrong. Oprah has invited the ever popular 'Grammar Girl" to explain this and few other grammar issues. This 'Grammar Girl' has a website which discussed several grammar issues (which we sometimes take for granted and end up using the wrong word).

So, for any of you guys out there, if u ever need help in learning English language. you can refer to ==> . It's fun! And very helpful :)


Any IDEAS......?? said...


Thank you teacher...for putting my name as your example..terasa glamer sebentar...kelass ...

achiema said...

Salam buk..
Wahh baguss laa website tuh. eheh thank u too for quoting our name as your example cewah eehe
(lambat laa aku bukak bloh ko nih, gue busy bangat dong!)

p/s: nampak sgt org pompuan yg terrer grammar kot sbb tu takdak "grammar boy" ahahaaa. keh keh jgn marah ya