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Friday, November 9, 2007

Bee Movie- a musst see!!!

Honestly, I'm obsessed with cartoon movie. From Toy Story to A Bug's Life to Shrek 1, I'm hooked. Seriously, I don't know what is it about these cartoons but they can bring tears to my eyes compared to those love stories like Titanic. I think its 'the moral value'(kalau dalam bahasa kita 'nilai-nilai murni' leerr...) in those stories that got me hooked and tears rolling down my cheeks. (Sebak le menengokkan serangga/ulat reti bahasa nak bersatu padu dan hidup aman damai... compare to us human...)

Anyway, Thursday is a public holiday for us Malaysian. So I went to watch 'BEE MOVIE' with my beloved husband. And what a good time we had! :) Seriously, I would have go and watch Bee Movie again and again if I do not have the time constraint. It's very fun and if you are cartoon movie lover like me, trust me you won't regret spending your precious time to watch this movie. ( I guess Dreamwork should pay me for this free advertising ;) )

And here's to bee movie official website. And guess what, you can get great recipes too here:)

<== i love this character. The way Jerry Seinfield 'cast' the mosquito as a drug addict is hilarious :D


sarem said...

aku suka jgk tgk kartun! huhu bestnye ko dla.... aku kat sini x penah lg tgk movie kat cinema, blum ada kesempatan lagi huk huk

Che' A aka Cik CT Albany said...

Ok.. aku tengok kat NZ baru promo.. tapi tunggu cinema yg tak siap kt albany ni.. maybe next year baru boleh nonton..hahahha lembab betul kat the end of the world ni ..ahaks

dla said...

kak ema.. ko nak ke vcd bee movie ni? aku leh hantarkan.. huhuhu...

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