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Sunday, April 13, 2008


My husband and I went to Pasar Minggu near to our place this morning. As we were crossing the road to get to the Pasar Minggu, I was quite shocked (err.. astonished more like it) when I saw two girls scantily dressed walking in front of us. The least I can say is they tried to look sexy but they failed miserably and end up looking like a w****.
2 feet view
err.. there's some fake diamond thing in her short pants. I guess she is just another Mariah Carrey wannabe..

I know it's bad to call people names. But looking at those two girls making rounds at the Pasar Minggu, what's left to think other than they were trying to advertise themselves? Oh!Another possibility. She's experimenting on a certain cellulite cream??? Gosh! I for one would never buy it.

I have considered the possibility that they might have forgotten to buy something during their first round but if someone clad in something like that, would you think of anything else?

In some way, even they do not need it, I do symphatize them.
What were they thinking when the put on those shirt & pants? Only God knows...


Che' A aka Cik CT Albany said...

Dilla...ko kandid minah ni nyer selulit..euwww..
aku rasa this girl should go for slimming treatment .. kalau body ala2 ziana zain boleh la jugak aku terima..

dla said...

tu le.. kennot imejen le camana dia sanggup pakai cenggitu..
boleh pulak tu ke hulu ke hilir kat pasar tu.. eewww...