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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Among my favorite months..

Mid April to Mid June every year is among the time I am waiting for. It is the time for NBA Playoffs. I know some people might not understand what is so great about basketball compared to soccer.
Great things about basketball are the fast movement from one end to the other, the techniques in the offensive and defensive moves, and the tactics used in the play. Most of all, if your team down 5 points with 30 seconds left, you can still win the game. Fantastics isn't it?
I have few teams I'm rooting for. How can that be possible? Well, if I root for just one team and they get eliminated early in the playoff, then I don't have any team to root for :D. I know it sounds funny. Because what if any two of my favorite teams match each other up? I'll usually go for the underdogs.
Anyhow, I'm quite upset today because one of my favorite teams-the Phoenix Suns (actually the Phoenix Suns is the top in my list)got eliminated in the playoffs first round series. And worst, they got beaten by the San Antonio Spurs which I hate so much.
I feel very upset now. Feel like crying. Huhuhuu...

Among my favorite players:
Steve Nash (short but very talented)

Chauncey Billups(not so black 'black guy' who's know how to lead his team)

Kevin Garnett (he's so black like arang but no one can stop his aggressiveness in the court)


sad said...

Tudia hang minat NBA plak ka sesuatuh ni nasib baik tak NFL hahaha....

dla said...

aku memang minat NBA dari zaman aku kat US. shiioookkk..
bulan ni tiap2 hari Rabu&Jumaat aku nak cuti. Nak tgk NBA Playoffs LIVE ;)