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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Lately I notice that my thinking process works in a tabular way. It happens automatically. For example, when my supervisors told me that I have to do a set of simulation across 16 batches of data where each batches is a matrix of [1945x90 to 200], my brain starts to visually forming a simulation table.

This isn't the first time. Last year I was in charge in the industrial training office at my workplace. We have about four to five hundreds students to manage. As soon as I look at the piles of students data, companies list and all sorts of forms, my brain starts to make a visual arrangement of how I can put all these data in a best possible manner.

Have you ever find yourself in the same situation?

It never cease me to wonder how amazingly our brains work. I think our brains (and 'akal') are one of the greatest gifts Allah has given to His creation. Some of us were born without hands or feet but still manage to do something great; but to my knowledge I have yet to discover anybody who make it without a brain. Here's an excellent video of a man who more than make it without a pair of legs.

I pray that this great gift will stay 'intact' til the day I left the world.


Ir A.Aziz said...

Mcm power dalam 'Heroes' plak yer. Hahaha! Lama x mengomen kat sini. Madam, how's life?

dla said...

Aziz: huhuhu..kalau ada 'power' macam peter atau 'sylar' syok jugakkan?
I'm enjoying my life as a student, very much indeed. All those years of working has somehow make me yearn to study more and do more.. semua2 more la.. Tak tau la kot2 sebab ni baru 1st year ke kan. Doakanlah kejayaan madam awak ni ye. :)

Ir A.Aziz said...

kalo saya, saya nak kuasa Hiro Nakamura. LEh freeze time + time travel + teleport. Saya nak kembali ke zaman sek rendah balik. Best2!

Ala, madam petik jari jer. Sure boleh wat punya.

PrincessLiJo said...

Huu..madam mmg rasa sayang laa nak tinggal zaman jadi student ni.. since zaman sekolah and 6 years in UIA, keje ari2 ngadap buku and rutin harian adalah fikir pasal homework dan copy homework.. Tetiba nak tinggal kan perkara2 yang dah sebati dalam diri dan wat benda baru.. 4 sure takes time nak sesuaikan diri.. Tapi after all, this is all about life..