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Monday, April 27, 2009

My First Hurdle

Once in a fortnight people in my reseach group will take turn to give a presentation about their work to the group. My turn came up last Friday. It was my first presentation to the group. All week long I was battling my runny nose. No fever, just watery eyes and runny nose. Pheeww! What a week.

By Wednesday, I have fully prepared my slides. Truthfuly, I have never prepared such an interesting slides *ala2 perasan gitu* , complete with animations (thanks to Power Point workshop which I attended last month). I never like animations before because I always thought that it disturbs the audience attention. So my presentations were always quite bland. However, through the workshop I learned a lot of tricks and ways to make an interesting, understandable and easy to comprehend presentation. I just need to use my own imagination and the tips given in the workshop.

Friday morning, after Subuh prayer, I asked my husband to listen to my presentation. His comment? - You need to pause! And I said, "Yelah.." *sambil menjeling suami*

Come 11.30 on Friday morning, off I went for my presentation. Nervous? Yeah! A little, but I managed not to let my nervousness getting to me. There were some questions from some of the postdocs in my group and Alhamdulillah I managed to answer them. Most importantly my supervisor likes it. However my other supervisor was off to other place that morning so tomorrow I have to represent my presentation again.

Alhamdulillah, life has been good to me so far. To say I enjoy every second of it would be exaggerating -I don't really enjoy the cold weather. I know it's a very early stage but as of now I am happy with my research progress.

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