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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slacking Off

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Truth be told, I've been slacking off for most of May. If I really count the hours I put into working towards my PhD, I think it'll total up to less than 1 week worth. Well, make that 2 weeks. The rest of May, I feel like I have done nothing other than surfing the internet.

Let me just list down what I've done/accomplished in May.

1. Did some study on principal component analysis-spend few days studying the method which I eventually found out that I actually am not going to use it.
~Pheww!! I feel like such a waste of time but like my dear friend Ani Liza told me, it's alright. At least we learn new knowledge.

2. Complete the preliminary principal component analysis on my test data.
~Once I figured out the right code. Alhamdulillah.

3. Attend a 3-day ProcessCharacterisation & Understanding Course.
~Tiring 3 days-interesting course though.

4. Trying to figure out a Matlab code for multiple signal wavelet transform analysis.
~I think this is the main reason I've been slacking off. I just couldn't figure out how.

Alhamdulillah by the first week of June, I got it figured. Maybe it's due to my prayer or Solat Dhuha or some good deeds I did. Oh! In actual fact, I've been slacking off in the Solat Dhuha department as well. I know I should perform it everyday. I'm trying. One thing I notice is on the day that I perform my Solat Dhuha, ideas come quite easily. Sometimes at the most unexpected moment, in a dream for example. I know it sounds ridiculous but it happens. I'm not saying that all the ideas will work out but somehow it will lead me to the right path.

Well, that's about it. I need to pick up my speed again to gain momentum. Really, I have to. This may not be a DO OR DIE situation but it surely is DO OR SUFFER condition.


ummi iman said...

yup dilla, solat dhuha indeed has the miracles! keep it up:-)always believe in ALLAH,you'll be stronger. HE will ALWAYS help you.insyaALLAH

Che' A at Sonoda Canterbury said...

don't find any slacking behind in ur post tho...
that's the phd cycle.. I always say something is not worth doing or just a waste of time...but my post doc friend said.. as long as you enjoy your work.. no matter what happen.. you'll be happy with it..

Dilla said...

ummi iman, ni tgh nak mencari kekuatan. La ni asik pening je. Ngadap komputer lama sgt kot. :((

Had U seen me, U'd have not say so. I've been playing hookey with myself throughout May. Went to school& then back home. Keje tak siap jugak. Bukan takat tak siap, tak leh nak buat(sebab stuck tu). But I absolutely agree with U, this is a phd cycle.
Can't be grateful enough to have understanding supervisors.