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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writing Week uhuk!

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This week, its all about writing my nine month report. I totally ditch doing any coding this week. There's a lot to do there as well. It has been three days now and all I have is one, yes one sentence. I'm completely out of love with myself right now. Its not suppose to be easy but its not that hard either. What is wrong with me?! Its not like this is my first time. I even took that Dissertation Writing class early this year. I'm just at my wits end!

Actually, I've prepared the list of contents for my report. I need to have the followings in my report:-
1-Introduction - definitely
2-Literature Review - this is where I sucks!
  • Summary on wavelets & NIR
  • Summary on wavelets & statistical algorithm
  • Summary on chemometrics -perhaps?
  • How all these relates to my work - VERY VERY IMPORTANT!
3-Methodology - I can just elaborate from my proposal. Alhamdulillah.
4-Preliminary Result - the graphs are there. I need to explain them. My oh My!
5-Further Work - What am I going to do next?

Told my friend Ani yesterday about my problem. Great of her to send me two email this morning about academic writing. I'm not sure I can share the slides here, need to get her consent first. But I put up all helpful & important links which I found in the slides as well as from my own googling.

Of course the list can go on and on but it's already handful for me. Based on these all these resources, I've shortlisted few important key points on how to go about writing a literature review. I'll add to this as I go deeper into my report.
1- write down/type thesis statement.
-Thesis statement for the entire report.
-Thesis statement for the each part that need elaboration.
When I was taking English classes back in my PPP years 1994, I always find it hard to come up with a strong thesis statement. However, keep in mind that a strong thesis statement will make writing easier.
2- Under each thesis statement, write down your brainstorming i.e what do want to include in that section/chapter such as:-
Ok now. I need to get back to my writing.


Che' A at Sonoda Canterbury said...

eh dilla.. ko dh brape bulan elapse? bagus3x... start writing awal..

Dilla said...

elapse? kurang faham soklan ko ni. April baru ni dah kira 3 months, kiranya masuk October dah 9 bulan. Kebingungan gak nak start menelaah jurnal2 tu secara kritikal. Any tips dari sifu jannah? ;)