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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Empat Ringgit ye?!

Hubby SMS [Sayang, hujan lebat tak kat sana?]
Me SMS [Biasa-biasa je. Kat Puchong hujan lebat ke?]
Hubby SMS [Hujan lebat kat sini]

Actually, it was raining quite heavily yesterday at my office area. But I planned to reached home before 7 p.m. and that means I have to take a bus or taxi to go home. If I waited for my husband to pick me up, it's going to be a little bit late. So once the rain stopped raining, I quickly left my office and headed to the bus stop. Alhamdulillah, I didn't have to wait for long.

I can already saw a line of taxis alongside the road when the bus reached the LRT station. I headed to the first taxi.

Me [Taman XXXXXXX]
Taxi Driver [Empat ringgit ye]
Me [Eh! Rumah saya dekat je. Dekat Taman XXXXXXX]
I repeated my location because I thought he misheard me. It usually cost me about RM2.60 by taxi to get to my apartment.
Taxi Driver [Saya kena ambik Empat Ringgit. Saya dah tunggu lama!]
Me [Takpelah!]WTH!!! Hey jerk! Yours is not the only taxi here.

I get out of the taxi feeling very angry. What right did that stupid taxi driver has to ask me to pay RM4?. What's more, his stupid reason is because he has waited there for a long time. HELLOOO!!! I didn't personally ask you to wait there. You make yourself wait for passengers there instead of circling the town looking for coustomers. Hell no! I'm not going to pay RM4. Not that I'm stingy but it's because you are such a leech!

I regret the fact that I didn't take his taxi plat number. I don't really want to make a report to JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan). I just want to scare him off. But I did pray that he will make as little as possible for this whole week.

I waited until a few taxi passed by. Finally I got on to this one taxi. A nice 'Pakcik' who actually noticed my little scene just now (getting out of the taxi). I paid him RM3 even though the meter showed the taxi fees is just RM2.60. He didn't ask for it. But he's nice and courteous. He deserves it. And I also pray to Allah that this Pakcik will be blessed with prosperity.

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