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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leave My Space Alone!!!

I arrived at the office~not actually my office~my workspace more likely, this morning to find an empty Coke bottle on my table. WTH!!! I left my desk in a neat condition yesterday afternoon. Not that one empty Coke bottle makes my desk immediately untidy but the point is who the hell sat at my place and left his waste behind.

Should I put up a notice at my workspace? Something like 'PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MESS HERE IN CASE YOU ARE USING MY DESK'. Sounds very commanding huh?!
I don't want to sound like I'm too prissy but I just don't like it. Simple as that!

Any suggestion how should I tackle this matter properly? Please...


Anonymous said...

hi Dilla,
Just put "keep clean". Good and polite, even when we're instructing the culprit :)


Ir A.Aziz said...

Luckily that person didn't leave any beer or alcohol drink on your table. Kalo x, tak dapat bayangkan macam mana madam mengamuk. Hahaha!

Hmm, idea kat atas agak proper gak ar.

Dilla said...

Thanx for your suggestion. I think I'll try that. :)

Itulah. Sebelum tu saya ada jumpa serpihan mee segera kat meja saya. Kurang asam betul. Meja ni menag takde kongsi2. Memang saya punya territory.