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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Qutting is just not an option!

My ex-housemate back when I was an undergrad once told me that I am a very strong person. Last year when we had a chance to chat through Yahoo Messenger she said the same thing to me. This time with an additional attribute which I consider a positive one- I am an OPTIMIST. Honestly, I don't realize that I'm an optimist. I just know that in life we have to move forward, there's no use clinging to some old memories which will only stops us from being a better person.

Ani, a close friend of mine also told me that I am such a strong person. Not that I don't realize I am a strong person but having someone told it to me makes it more real I suppose. I just feel that I have to be strong for my own good. Surely, I have many times reached the I-have-had-enough points in my life but somehow I can't just quit. I just don't know how to quit.

Of course, I have my share of wanting to quit. Especially during the journey of completing my masters degree. Somehow I keep fighting and suppressed the thought of quitting. I don't know how did I find the strength to keep going but I do know that as Muslim, I have Allah as my source of strength.

Now when I look back at those path of my life i.e the I-have-had -enough paths, some of it started to make sense.

I understand now that if I did quit in the middle of a journey, I'll never know what I might find at the end of the road.

I understand now that being an optimist helps carry me through bad times.
~I just can't see the advantage of being a pessimist. If there's a whole lot of them, I might convert into one.. hahaha~

I understand now that an early childhood hardship experience does help me become a strong person.

I might trip, I might fall, I might get bruised all over going through this journey but one thing I know is that I have to keep fighting and never quit.


ummi iman said...

so inspiring dilla,excellent!..this is what we want, come on auntie dilla, you can do it!
"you may get some rest along your journey, but never never to quit!"
perjuangan mesti diteruskan:) walaupun kita penat mana pun..huhuh (talking to my self as well,kene motivate diri)

Che' A at Sonoda Canterbury said...

an inspirational entry by the most optimist fren of mine..yup...

Dilla said...

ani& che'a:
ni tulis nak bagi kuat semangat sendiri. akhir2 ni mcm lalai&leka je. kengkonon dah siap 1st phase. padahal ntah ada beratus phase lagi. great if it inspires you too. :)

p/s:kita ni saling penguat semangat memasing~part of the support system.