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Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm feeling slightly lightheaded today. I can't do a thing at work. It's already 1p.m. now and all I have done is pasted few figures from my simulation into my phd log book plus adding few sentences to my case study report. I REALLY need to work on my report & I REALLY want to. I just can't at the moment. To say that I don't have enough sleep might be it but I don't feel sleepy either. What is WRONG with me???!!!

I googled the word lightheadedness and as usual thousands of links come out. This one catches my attention: 37 possible causes of 'Lightheadedness'. Is it Stress and anxiety or Food allergy?Surely its not Testicular torsion isn't it.


Che' A at Sonoda Canterbury said...

Dilla..adakah ko bakal cam aku??? ne hari tuh dah check belum??
pekata ko gi ambik long hot shower or lepak dlm bath tub... then ambik green tea and tido dgn nyenyaknye..huhu..

Dilla said...

Che'a: huhu... akhirnya pagi tadi aku buat jg pregnancy test tu- it came back negative. Skrg ni aku risau nape period aku terganggu ni. At least kalau pregnant tu bersebablah. Aku tak sabar tunggu bulan 12 ni nak buat ct scan, pastu boleh berusaha :)

Anonymous said...

x cukup oxygen kot..

-syful azmie-