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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shut The H*** UP


I’m pissed. Really pissed. I am as pissed as I was when people who are not in the teaching/lecturing line have the guts to say that teaching/lecturing is easy. You’ve got no right to say that until you give it a shot. Still, if you teach like P. Ramlee in his film Masam Masam Manis then again you’ve got no right to say that. Some of you surely remember the famous quote from that film:
"Cikgu suka main bola. Hari-hari cikgu main bola"
"Cikgu suka main bola. Hari-hari cikgu... tidur. Mari kita main!"

Anyway, I’m not pissed because of the lecturer issue. Rather I’m pissed at some idiots out there who think doing PhD is easy peasy. Oh! Come on, if you really think it’s that easy, why don’t you endeavour yourself into it?

You know just because I took few days leave to travel does not mean that doing PhD in the UK is a piece of cake. Just because I spend few minutes FBing (is there such a word?) does not mean I have endless hours to spend mindlessly. You are not in my shoes so you don’t know what it’s like. Yes, I make a foolish mistake in sharing some of my travelling pictures, some of my hobbies and what not in the Facebook. Probably I need to set up another FB account where I only add close friends. Yes that probably is. By the way I do not mean working on a PhD in Malaysia is easy. NO! Rather it is harder because if you are married you have to juggle more than 2 balls in the air; your PhD, your family, your other family, your in laws and Allah's know what. If you are single people expect you to have no life other than your PhD and they expect you to be at their becks and calls.

Or I might write a proposal to to produce a reality TV show base on PhD students’ life. Of course its boring but with a little drama here and there it can be a top hit. Every reality TV show is a drama in fact. Do you really believe its ‘REAL’? Then I can be rich and famous and... whatever. The point is people get to see what’s our life is like (plus the dramas to spice things up of course) and most of them believe what they watch anyway.

It’s hard dealing with idiots. Idiots being idiots, there is no point talking sense to them. Seriously, they are so thick in the head that you can’t even inject an ounce of truth or fact into their inane brain. So yes, a reality TV show might be the perfect answer.

Truth is I’m not really pissed anymore. I’ve calmed down after last night sleep and two episodes of venting off. Heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Ani, who called immediately once she received my e-mail, despite her lovely daughter Iman is not being 100% well yet. Heartfelt thanks to my husband too who keeps listening to me rambling about those idiots.

Just to be clear again and again and again, to me working towards my PhD is more of a responsibility more than a proud banner to parade around. I am responsible not only to myself but also my husband who quits his job just to accompany me here. Not to mention I am also responsible to my family, my guarantors, my employer, and of course to the tax payers (i.e. my scholarship)/ my sponsor.


Anonymous said...

we share the same feeling. that's why la my album kat FB tu close to certain people jer. sukati diorg je kita ni buat phd macam g melancong. melancong tu bukan hari2..even dok mesia pon g travel gak sesekali.

by the way,salam perkenalan dari saya asmah from southampton, found your blog while bloghopping :D

ummi iman said...

asmah mana from soton ni, mcm kenal je.
asmah, kenal ani ke??
dilla, ni tgh pulun, tp dah semacam je rasa ni..suka kata2 dilla, Phd is more of a responsibility, bukan utk dibanggakan.suka sgt kata2 ni,
setiap yang kita miliki hanyalah pinjaman ALLAH semata2, sekelip mata boleh hilang..wallahualam.

Ir A.Aziz said...

oh madam. phd sangat susah. saya nak sambung master pon takut.

Anonymous said...

ani..asmah hanya sorang je kat soton ni hehe.ishh, jejak kasih kat blog org lak hehe, sori dilla ;)

PhD tu memang satu responsibility. apa org kata jgn pedulik, jgn bagi kuman dalam hati kita.walaupon adakalanya sgt mengguris perasaan.


ummi iman said...

asmah yeah.
ye asmah, jgn bagi kuman dalam hati kerana itu akan mengganggu perjalanan dalam usaha pedulikan, asal niat kita baik, jalankan tanggungjawab, dlaam masa yg sama kita happy n boleh buat keje..:)
dilla, kenalkan asmah ni kawan ani dari soton, nnti dilla dtg soton, leh ani kenalkan;)
aziz: master, insyaALLAH, jgn takut, buat je ok;)biasalah dalam hidup mmg ade susah senang kan:)

Dilla said...

Ni asmahan ke? :) tx 4 dropping by. Sy patut buat mcm yg Asmah buat, FB album just for close friends.

Itulah. Kita tgh pulun takkan kita nak tunjuk kat orgkan? Nanti dikata berlagak pula. Hanya Allah yang tahu& tempat mengadu. Dan hanya suami, keluarga &kawan2 rapat yg sudi mendengar bebelan & keluh kesah kita ni.

Takut tak apa. Jadikan "takut" tu sebagai motivasi. I know U can do IT! Nak sambung kat mana? UIA gak ke?

~x0x0~fixa~ said...

peduli sama itu orang...mereka memang suka sibuk~~
saya amat suka+cemburu kerana madam boleh berjalan2...
all da best madam...

Anonymous said...

betul cakap fiza madam..pedulikan ape orang nak kata..dah mmg sifat semulajadi manusia x boleh orang lain lebih dari kita kan..tuh yang sibuk nak jaga tepi seluar jeans madam tuh..

apepun..saya respect madam..PhD is not easy..tapi semua tu pun bergantung kepada niat kita kan..klu niat kita baik, semuanyer pun akan di permudahkan-Nya..neway..thanks to u cz sbb motivasi dan nasihat yang bertimbun2 madam bagi kat kitorang dulu yang drives me untuk sambung master..x sabar rasanyer nak sambung PhD..itupun klu dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki n kepala saya x crack (masih siuman) penangan master nih..

kim salam kat suami tercinta..hahahaha

-syful azmi-

Sad said...

Hang marah kat sapa ni dilla, meh sini aku bagi ayat laser sket.

Dilla said...

nanti awak pun boleh jalan2. engineer selalunya boleh vrooomm ke sana.. vrooomm ke sini..;)

syful azmi:
take ur time & 'enjoy' the journey. doa byk2 & amalkan solat dhuha+solat hajat. Ini pesanan org2yg dah habis master&PhD pada saya.

Adalah beberapa orang yg tak faham nature org sambung belajar ni. Tambahan aku ni plak byk je aktiviti ko-kurikulum aku, berkebunlah, memasaklah, skrg ni mengait & embroidery plak. Aku buat suma ni utk hilangkan tensen sebenarnya.

Anonymous said...

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