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Friday, January 8, 2010

'Color' status on the Facebook

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When I checked my facebook this morning, I saw some people (females) who are on my friend's list were posting a color as their status. I was a little bit curious at first but I do have some idea. Was it the color of their knickers? Or their bras? Or their eyes? Some of them were giving it away by trying to be hush-hush with their male friends.

I turned to Mr. I Can Tell You (Almost) Anything a.k.a. Mr. Google and type few keywords, voila the answer is right there. Here are some quotes that I copied from some of the websites:

~from one
blog in my search:

If you've visited Facebook in the past two days, you may have noticed your
friends posting a color as their status.




A meme is going around encouraging women to post the
color of the bra they're wearing. Supposedly, it's designed to raise breast
cancer awareness.

'Breaking News'

Bra Color Facebook Status is here. This is rooted from the
question of why
are people posting colors in their Facebook accounts. It would
be funny at
first but if you will know exactly for what is that effort, you will
appreciate the display of colors.

Read more about it from the
article of

I promptly posted my color and laughed as I
read other bra color Facebook statuses. In fact I learned a bit about my friends
and family members as they shared their bra color facebook statuses. A friend I
assumed would wear white was actually wearing leopard print! And several of us
ladies were supporting the girls with black.

showbiz galore

Why are people posting colors on facebook? Did you notice that for the past two
or three days, more and more female are posting colors in their status in
facebook? What’s up with the craze? Why are only female posting colors in

Apparently, these colors that female users posts in their
facebook accounts are the colors of their bra to spread breast cancer awareness.
Facebook has been one of the mediums to spread the breast cancer awareness among
various females around the world.

This craze has sparked enough
curiousity and made a lot of people find out what’s the reasoning behind all
these colors in facebook. This marketing idea has made a lot of us take the time
to google “Facebook status colors” or “Why are people posting colors on
facebook?” and talk about something that is of an important cause. So if you are
female, go ahead participate and let us know what color is your bra today by
posting a color in your facebook accounts.

I personally think that it's not just silly but it downright humiliating. Especially if you are a Muslim. Do you REALLY want people to know what color of bra you're wearing?

Fine the game objective is to create awareness about breast cancer. But how many people who participate in that silly game do actually become aware of that? Do they immediately lie down and do a self-check breast examination on themselves? Or have they start calling their female relatives and friends and talk about it. Yeah! Like what the people who initiated or suggested this game really want to achieve. Honestly, I don't think so.

Pardon me if I'm being too serious about this. Come to think of it, putting your bra color as your status in order to create breast awareness, so will you put the color of your knickers to create womb cancer (and the like) awareness?


Anonymous said...

It's the GAME'S objective by the way

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