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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretty Happy

Am pretty happy today. I bought a brown corduroy skirt at the charity shop. I plan to make a bag with it. May be a hobo bag or a tote or a sling bag. We'll see. Can just imagine how beautifully that bag will turn out to be :) Well, if I manage to sew a corduroy fabric using my tiny little machine without breaking the needle. I'll probably use the pattern I found here. Pretty thing huh? So yummy!

Oh! I also managed to get hold of a king size duvet cover at the car boot sales last two weeks. Love the itty bitty print. I've washed it although I'm pretty sure the seller have washed it before she sells it. It's a habit of mine. I will wash every garment I buy, be it new ones or used ones. I plan to make a laundry basket cover with this fabric. Or if I can find a basket to put our magazines in, I'll whip one basket liner like the one here.

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Kerry said...

That bag pattern is a great find. The COntented Cat is a great place to buy Stitch, v good customer service and the magazine is always worth getting