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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello. U have win....

T: Hello. Is this Ms.XXXX?
Me: Yes. Who am I talking to?
T: My name is YYYY. I'm calling from ZZZZ. Ms. XXXX, you have been selected to win our 3 days& 2 nights vacation package. When can you come to pick your prize?
Me: .....(BS!!!)


T: Hello. Is this Ms.XXXX?
Me: Yes. Who am I talking to?
T: My name is YYYY. I'm calling from ZZZZ. Blaaa...Blaaa.. Blaaa. Our company operation is endorsed by Bank Negara Malaysia. So Ms XXXX, for now I'd like to activate your account so you can enjoy the full benefit of our program. May I have your IC number?
Me: ...(GTH!!!)

Ever had this kind of phone calls?
I bet you did. The above phone conversations are just two out of numerous telemarketing phone calls that I've received lately. I believe the telemarketing companies in Malaysia are making tones of ringgit from this kind of scam. I don't know whether you can really call it a scam but I for sure feel like that. Why I feel so? Here's the reasons:-
1- They told you to come and get your prize without informing you that you have to actually listen to some kind of vacation promotion for two hours!!!

2- They insists you to confirm your IC number (wic I bet they already have) on a reason they want to speed things up for you.

God! I don't know how many people fall for this. Seriously! Isn't there any laws in Malaysia which we as a consumer can use to stop these scams?

Talking about telemarketer, I remember having a conversation with my friends (sad&wira) about the best possible answers that we can use when answering their phone calls. I have tried few of the followings and it works :)

1- I'm on my way to operation theater. What do you want?
2- My kids are crying. Sorry can't talk to you. And don't ever call back!
(If you have time maybe you can give the telemarketer a full lecture on how his call has woken up your kids and now you are blaming it on him)
3- Insist on having all the paperworkss sent to you prior to confirming to anything.
(This really works because most of the time they can't send you anything without your IC confirmation)
4- Insist on having the so-called prize sent to your house.
5- Pretend you cannot hear/understand anything he/she said.
6- Keep quiet throughout the whole conversation. ;)
7- Look at the poster below. There are another 8 ways for you to try. Hehehehe...


Sad said...

Wah bernas la idea hang, boleh pakai ni.

dla said...

sure. FOC ma.. hehehehe

junita said...

tq for the tips. what i did was just simply say sorry - i'm not interested. then terus hang up. tp rasa mcm berlaku tidak adil & kuang ajar je. i shall practice your given tips!