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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Politic talk? Hemmm....

I'm not much of 'politic person' even though at one time in my life I have had an ambition to be a politician -that was when I was in my teenage years with so little knowledge about politics yet so many dreams to fulfill; well I was inspired by certain issues like 'The Malays are doing very poorly in Maths', 'Susahnya hidup nelayan/petani'- macamlah saya dok kat tepi laut, macamlah saya ni anak petani-kononnya nak jadik pembela la. seems such a long time ago..
Anyway, I really want to share with all of you(macam byk je bunyinye.. huhuhu..) few interesting blogs which discussed not just about politics but also current issues:

- Zulkifli Nordin
- Kadir Jasin
- Rocky Bru

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