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Friday, February 15, 2008

Rasuah & Iman kita.

I'm not sure about other people. But I admit that I'm very naive about bribery (rasuah). All this while I thought that only people in certain work-field are involved in giving and accepting bribe (politicians, government officers& policemen). I never thought that firemen and technicians were also involved. It also never crossed my mind that people at agencies such as PUSAPAKOME demands for ‘duit kopi’.. err.. I mean were accepting bribe. If we look closely into our society, bribery has become a custom. Yes! A CUSTOM! Let’s see:

-you want to get a tender at a school canteen, you should bribe the headmaster.
-you want to get a tender to supply certain software for universities courses, you bribe the key person in certain department at the ministry.
-you want your car to be checked and approved at a light speed at PUSAPAKOME’, you should leave few 50s or 100s notes in your car.
This list will go on. No doubt about it.

And now, the time has arrived. Yes, the time for ELECTION. I bet if we can do some sort of survey about the rate of bribes given and bribes accepted, we’ll find the highest rate would be during this campaign or pre-election period.

I shouldn’t write this but I think I have to. Seriously, if you were thinking about accepting a bribe to vote for some nominee or part, you should be smart about it. Think about this, when you vote for a nominee, you are giving them the responsibility to lead and to manage your county or state or country. If the nominee is the same person as before, you should assess his/her contribution. If he/she is just a toy, select someone new. But if you’re seriously thinking about accepting bribe from his campaign, then you should make some calculation because you already know that he’ll do nothing to develop your county.

OK, for example, he will be in charge for about 5 years. That’ll be 5x12months=60months. Say your family monthly expenses is about 5K. That’ll be 5K x 60months = 300K. See, that is as close as what your 1VOTE worth! I do wonder why some people are willing to accept a piece of ‘kain batik’, a couple of RM10 notes for their vote. I guess I am being extremely materialistic huh!

I guess I am being very childish to assume that EVERYONE-especially the Muslims are good& honest people. I am a Muslim, and it saddened me that my Muslim brothers& sisters have stooped so low.So where is our Iman? I am not trying to preach or to give advice here. All I’m thinking is what we will become in the next five or ten years if this disgusting attitude continues????....

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