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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At my wits end

This is how I feel since yesterday. Keep staring at my screen and hoping I get an idea.

For two hours yesterday I sat down with Dr. R while he explained to me about the background of the data which I used for my research. He is the one responsible for generating all the spectral data. You might think that I should have known the inside out of my research by now. Well, I. AM. NOT. While I sat there listening and asking few questions, I felt like my brain has gone to information overload state. I felt like it soaked and soaked the explaination he offered. But now, I can't even decipher what I learned yesterday. I know my understanding of what I learned yesterday stucks somewhere in my brain. I just need to let it break free. It really irritates me to feel like this. So you see, my romance with my PhD is not all hearts and roses.

I need to incorprate some of the information that I got from Dr. R into the introduction part of my report. I haven't got my full report back from my supervisor except for the introduction part. My Oh! My, they want me to elaborate more on the objectives, contribution and novelty of my research. My report is due this Friday. YES! This Friday. And I'm just at my wits end to even add a word into that introduction section. Now I feel like crying and going to bed and not wake up until my introduction section magically writes itself.

Rabbi yassir wala tu a'ssir,
Rabbi atnim bil khoir


Wan's Family @ Southampton said...

you can sleep, but get up tomorrow morning and continue working on your introduction, sit there, sit infront of your passage of intro, and try to have it out! YOU CAN DO IT DILLA!! mmg susah kan..Just need time:)
My experience, I used to sleep when I have problems, but now I just realized, sleeping will only add to the stress level, and the works know why?? because there's no magic that can finish up my work,(ala tapi still nk tdo kalau dah penat melampau kan,itu takpe)..we may feel stress or apa2 ntah la along the journey, huk huk, rest if you want to, but later, still we need to work on it..ini ckp kat diri sendiri juga tau dilla:p,\

Semoga ALLAH permudahkan segala urusan sahabatku ini!AMIN.
InsyaALLAH everthing will be alright sooner.."WE ARE THE FIGHTERS!"
fikirkan yg indah2, shoppg sume,christmas vacation etc.. n sebelum shoppg tu sume, kene la siapkan keje dulu;)take care!

Ir A.Aziz said...

Teringat zaman fyp dulu... tu baru degree. kalo phd madam nih, mesti 10x pressure nyer. chayok madam!