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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doodle Stiching -Gila Kraf II

my 1st try, no tracing whatsoever, just do as I go. ~ tengoklah senget benget tu

my 2nd try ~luruslah sikit sebab lukis paten sebelum stitch.
doodle stitch 1: @ both bottom corners of my fleece curtain~this is my own idea, no pattern at all :)
*click on the picture to see the type of stitch used*

I don't know what's gotten into me lately. I'm wasting my time looking at sewing blogs. Then I start planning in my head. Yeah! List of things I wanna sew. The list goes on and on. I want to make:
- tote bag& groceries bag.

- diaper bag from oil cloth(just in case if I do get pregnant next year)

- some dress for me ( I've bought a really nice shirt-dress & I like the way it feels when I wore it. I had my sister sent it to me from Malaysia. The postage costs more than the dress itself! So annoying! Thing is I can't seem to find a decent shirt-dress with a decent price here in UK. And that's like super duper annoying! Hence I think I better copy my favorite dress pattern and try to make one for myself. )

-baby changing mat, baby bib & other baby things (they look so cute & I do want to be a hip mummy so I kind of neeeed those things. Crazy me!)

I can't really jot down the list you see -Oh! I already have- because I don't even have a sewing machine. My hands are itching to sew something. Anything. Not that I am a sewist but I like sewing actually, hand sewing more like it. What I don't like is the list in my head won't go away.

I've already discussed with my husband that I plan to buy a used and cheap sewing machine. Cheap is the operative word here. I've searched E-bay and found none to my liking. My husband, a wise man he is, asks me to wait and save for a better sewing machine. Sure I can save but I don't know when I am going to be able to buy the kind of sewing machine he is talking about. The one which can do embroidery and has that little computer thing attached to it so you can download a pattern straight into the sewing machine. Hmmm....

So for now, to appease my cravings for sewing, I have to resort to doodle stitching and some other hand needle works/craft. I'm currently doodle stitching on our fleece curtain. I also have strings of crochet which I want to turn into a bag. And I have meters of vinyl cloth which I plan to make dinner set bags out of it. Made one before but my measurements screwed up somewhere so the bag does not close properly. I promised a friend I'll put up my dinner set bag picture here but I have to say 'NO' now as it doesn't turn out the way I picture it should.

doodle stitch 2: @ the middle of our fleece curtain.
~I saw a cross sticth picture in the internet, like it, so I sort of using that picture as guideline. But all the stitches used here are my own idea.
close up on the windows
*click on the picture to see the type of stitch used*

Oh! The house is not 100% done. I have yet to put some lingering plants on the brown fences (not seen in this picture) and probably couple of butterflies.

happy stitching!


Che' A of Riccarton said...

cayalah dilla... aku setakat ni jahit tepi blanket ja..haha..
sham dah beli hoop suh aku buat benda gini..katenya nk letak kat baju baby..itupun kalau aku rajin la...
aku malas betul nk masukkan kt blog..tak tahulah bila..dgn keadaan zombie aku ni..huhu

Wan's Family @ Southampton said...

comelnya aunt dilla..kalau buat bj budak pun cantik dilla..cayalah=),
bagus hobby ini..kat sini kalau suka buat sesuatu tuh, mcm ber'hantu' and
'gila-gila' remaja gituh..hehe

Dilla said...

kalau dekat, boleh aku offer nak buatkan. huhu... tp mmg seronok la buat stitch ni. rasa lega gitu.

nanti pinjam satu baju iman, boleh saya jahit sekuntum bunga :D

Wan's Family @ Southampton said...

dilla, nak baju iman?buleh sgt2, nnti ani cari tau!:)

xOxO~fixa~ said...

O my coach...
lawa nya...mdm sgt berbakat ok...
pe kata wat kan satu tok saya...
tc madam...
btw,salam aidiladha...

Dilla said...

Fiza, betul ke awak nak? kalau saya buat, awak kena gayakan ok ;)
(dah ada idea nak buat sesuatu utk awak, nak tunggu ada masa terluang ni)

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