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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Geordie dan Slangnya

Coming to Newcastle, UK in one way or another has made me realize that there is probably no correct way to pronounce English words. Grammatically, yes there are rules and guidelines that you have to follow. But pronounciation wise, A-ah, if you live in Newcastle or in Scotland, where the accent are quite thick, the pronounciation of some words are completeley off base. People from Newcastle upon Tyne is known as Geordie. (Kalau kat Malaysia, orang negeri sembilan kita panggil orang noghori). Hence their slang is known as Geordie slang/ Geordie dialect. Watch this L'oreal advert featuring Cheryl Cole to hear how does Geordie slang sounds.
(Note: Cheryl Cole is a celebrity in UK. She's from Newcastle).

I even found this website which provides Geordie slang dictionary.

On another note, not everyone who lives in the UK speaks English. If you go to Wales, they talk in a complete different language. Its not English. It's called Cymraeg -according to a source from Britannia. Err.. I don't know how to pronounce that.

Took this picture when I visited Wales last June. At Snowdon, Wales. See the words on the right hand side, try to pronounce that!


Wan's Family @ Southampton said...

dilla, mmg susah nak paham iklan tuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh..:((
so, kita kene confident dgn cara sendiri kan..hahha

Wa'ah said... new castle pon speak like scotish eek

Dilla said...

ani: nanti dtg newcastle ani dgr slang diorg. hehehe...

wa'ah: scotish lagi tak paham rasanya. *pening*

xOxO~fixa~ said...

ya ampun...amat susah nak pronounce ok..
nanti balik malaysia kita jumpa mdm speaking bahasa tu sure saya n epul pitam...hahaha...

Sad said...

Hahaha teringat aku order mountain dew dekat diner kat sini. Kesian waiter tu asyik la dok suruh aku repeat beberapa kali hahaha.

Dilla said...

haha.. moralnya kita tak boleh perlekehkan slang org.kat mesia selalunya org suka perlekehkan org2sebelah pantai timur atau utara bila diorg speaking london. padahal omputih pun slang bermacam2lagi teruk dari org mesia.

sad: hahaha... samalah kat sini pun. husband aku nak pi beli racun utk slug wic we pronounce as 'slak'. tak paham org kedai tu. rupanya depa pronounce slug tu'sluk'.