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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No safe place

It seems like there is no safe place anymore nowadays. Even in your house. I am referring to the news by NBC about the risks posed by smartphones pictures. Isn't it terrifying to even imagine that by just posting some innocent pictures on the internet, we are actually exposing our family and children to a bunch of predators? Have you watched it? Please do, especially between minutes 2.25 to 2.51 (the part where outsiders can map out your house just by using pictures you posted online). It'll make you think twice before posting a picture on the internet.

All this while we 'like' to think that the psychos, the child molester, the whatever criminals out there are outside our house. In actual fact they are IN our house!

I was watching The Craiglist Killer during the weekend and it does scares the hell out of me. Can you imagine a person who is in top 5% of his class, on top of that is a medical student, is actually a sadistic killer? Am I paranoid? Probably not. However watching Criminal Minds, Crime Scene Investigations and other crime dramas probably have made me more aware of the unthinkable acts out there.


mrs plain-june said...

scary! wanna use smartphone, one must be very smart! never expose yourself or your family to the net! pls allow me to share.. & thanks for sharing this info dilla! i've known all along but this is the proof am looking for all this while.. (tak guna smartphone pun boleh jadi gini.. sometime they post where they are in fb.. hui.. saspen ai!)

Una said...

mdm, tgk csi ngan criminal minds somehow make me extra careful bila keluar..

nak kelr rumah je mst baca bismillah tawakal..

knv said...

yang ko pi tengok cerita2 macam tu buat hapa haaaaaaaaaa? tengok la citer pasal rama-rama ke... ice cream ke kan best hahahha!

Dilla said...

Ju: sila sila share. seriau memikir benda2 gini.

Una: Betul sangat. Saya pun sejak tengok Criminal Minds tu, memang berwaspadalah. Tapi kita bukannya boleh tengok dari fizikal orangkan sama ada mereka tu psiko atau sociopath. Ngeri weh!

kak non vogueeeee: makan eskrem aku sukala.. hahaha :)