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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yeay! I feel you :)

It happened early Saturday morning. I was in between sleeping and waking up. So I wasn't really sure about it so I let it pass. Then it happened again in the afternoon, while I was praying with my husband. Ooooohhhhhh!

In some weird way, I think our baby heard my constant pleas to feel she moves. Most people name it as "feel the baby kicking". At this point I'd rather describe it as "bumping onto my womb". Yes, that's how it feels to me. I think she is having fun turning and swimming in there and accidently bump onto my womb/stomach. Then she moves away. Before she knows it, she bumps onto me again. How wonderful! :)

Few minutes before I wrote this entry, as I was reading some article on the internet, I feel she bumps onto my stomach again. So I put my fingers onto my stomach (exactly where she bumps) and give a little pressure. Subhanallah, Masya-Allah, I swear I feel pulses, you know like you put your fingers on your wrist. Amazing, so amazing.


tasha said...

waahh!!! mesti excited kan akak..oo..kat sana spnjg pregnancy scan 2 kali jer ke? kalo gitu mesti x sabar2 nk tggu tiap kali nk g scan kan..

tggu baby besar sket nnt, lagik ligat dia berkarate dlm tu..hehe..enjoy ur pregnancy ye kak!

Dilla said...

tasha, nanti emel akak ur phone number. nak call tasha dari dulu lagi. nanadilla at yahoo dot com