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Monday, July 16, 2007

A blessing in disguise {cont...}

On Monday (May 16) I went to the hospital with my husband. We have to wait for quite some time since we were "just a referred case" at that time.

After the urine test + ultrasound, here comes the shocking news. YES!!! there is a cyst inside my left ovary and it is very big that an URGENT operation is required.

According to the doctor, if the cyst was not "THAT BIG", he would suggest that I wait until my pregnancy reaches four months old before I go for operation. Thing was, going for the surgery at this very early stage of pregnancy would put me at a high risk of losing our "baby". But in my case, it's more dangerous if I wait that long.

So when the doctor asked when do I want to go for operation, being "ME", I instantly said ASAP! My husband was speechless at that time and I did feel bad for not discussing it before I made any decision. But what's done is done. :| . I was admitted to the ward the next day ( Tuesday, May 17) and went for the surgery on Wednesday, May 18.

At times, I feel that the whole process is just like a dream/nightmare ( I don't know which one it is..) I was discharged from the hospital 5 days after the surgery. Oh!By the way our "baby" survived the surgery (at that time). Bad news is we still can't detect his/her heart beat. About the cysts which has been taken out along with my left ovary, they were sent to the lab for analysis. No results yet during this time.


afidalina said...

kak diela kah ini?

Any IDEAS......?? said...


Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah tersembunyi...My prays will always be with you...insya'allah.

dla said...

afie.. ye.. sayalah ini.. ;)