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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Blessing in disguise {cont...}

It all started on that April Friday afternoon. It's almost 5.30 p.m. I was on my way to the tuition center where I tutor Add Maths and Physics to the Form 5 students. I stopped at the DIY shop to buy something when suddenly I feel something trickling down my thighs. At first I thought I have accidently wetting my sarong. But when I looked down at the floor I saw spots of red fresh BLOOD!!! There's nothing else in my mind other than the thought that " Uh..uh...I AM PREGNANT" and now I might have MISCARRIAGED!

Thank Allah there's a clinic nearby. I ran through the heavy rain ( it was raining heavily at that time) . YES! After the standard pregnancy test done, its confirmed that I am pregnant.

On doctor's suggestion, I went to a maternity clinic the next day for a scan. Knowing you are pregnant to a woman who wants children should be 1 of the happiest moment in their life. Sadly not so for me. Yes, true I am happy that I am pregnant. But after the scan was done, and the nice lady doctor told me that I have some sort of a lump on the left side of my womb is not something I wanna hear. She said that my womb looks like I am 5 months pregnant where I am actually just 5 weeks pregnant! She had to referred me to a hospital where there are more up-to-date facilities/specialists. I will be going to see the specialist on Monday.

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