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Friday, February 11, 2011


It has been more than 2 months since I took a writing hiatus. Thousands apologies to any of you who drop by to see any update. I can understand if you delete me from your list :'( I wasn't extremely busy, just the usual chaos of working towards my PhD. Guess what, this not-so-new year marks the beginning of my third year. Truth is I was easily tired those days (December to January). December 2010 was the month where I literally did almost nothing other than lying on my bed. There were mornings which I woke up and found plumbum-like taste lingering in my mouth. Then I began to throw up after dinner. Followed by starting to lose my appetite for food. I haven't and didn't thought of anything other than probably because it was winter and I was starting to get sick. Until my period of the month didn't come on its due time.

I waited until it was about a week late and decided to do the test. I just didn't want to put too much hope. We've been trying to conceive since August 2010; i.e. when the doctor gave us the "clearance" to get
pregnant. So, on the last day of school before the Christmas & New Year break, I stopped at the pharmacy to but a pregnancy test kit before heading home. A box of one stick costs about £5 and a box of 2 sticks costs around £8. So I thought let's get the 2 sticks deal, you know just in case I need to double check. I grabbed two boxes and brought it to the till. The gentleman at the till gave me a slightly curious look as if to say "Are you sure you?". Not until when he said £16 pound were I realized that I actually grabbed two boxes that contains 2 sticks each. I wasn't going to open a pharmacy of my own to need that much pregnancy test kit. Eeuuww... Very embarassing!

I did the pregnancy test that evening. Well, 1 stick is enough to confirm that I. AM. PREGNANT. :))

ALHAMDULILLAH, all praise to Allah. My husband was out at work. So I left the stick in a disposable cup in the shower as a surprise for him. Hemmm... Wasted effort! I waited and waited and waited for him to say something about the stick. It wasn't a very long wait actually but I can’t wait to tell him. So I finally said "Abang, I'm pregnant."

He looked at me and asked, ”How do you know?”

Dushh!! “I did the pregnancy test. Didn’t you see the stick I left in the shower?”

“The white stick? I thought its your tooth brush.! Dushh! Dushh! That’s why I said wasted surprised! Hemm…

We went to see a doctor to register my pregnancy in the following week. The doctor said, “This is a total miracle.” When I asked her why, she said not everyone is as lucky as I am; diagnosed with cancer, been through chemotherapy and being blessed with a pregnancy.

Of course, to both of us, this is not just a total miracle but a total blessing too. Everyday I pray that I will carry this pregnancy to terms, and my baby is safe and healthy. Insya-Allah.


mrs plain-june said...

oh dilla!!! am so happy for you!!! bergenang air mataku.. emo pulak :p. alhamdulillah.. 'ala kulli hal.. pls take good care of yourself & tiny little ones inside. *hugs* *hugs*

Una said...

mdmmmmmmm... tersenyum saya baca entry ni.. happy for u mdm~ semoga semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan. InsyaAllah!

wardah said...

congrats Dila!
Jaga diri elok2. keep yourself warm ya :)
dok kat sana u are more prone for cramp

NajLa ShuHuD said...

Berkat doa.. Alhamdulillah..
Tahniah mdm.. sangat happy mendengar berita ni.. Take care (^_^)

afi said...

congrats k dilla! sama lah kita! =P akak dah berapa week? take care tau.

izani said...

all dbest with the made in england bb :)...we have ours scot's made last year...take care

Ir A.Aziz said...

congratz madam! what a good news. insyaAllah, kita doa sama2 semuanya selamat. Mintak tips dari Leyha, Dayah Hassan or x lama lagi, Malin. Hehe~

Dilla said...

@mrs plain june:
thanks so much Ju :) Am trying to take care of myself & the little one. Sudi-sudikanlah berkongsi tips ye Ju. Saya budak baru baru belajar :)

makasih banyak2 Una. Skrg Una dah tau apsal lama tak hapdet blogkan? Penaaaaat sangat Una. But I'm getting better now :)

Thanks so much wardah. I'm never one to complain much about the weather here. But now, I just can't stand the cold weather. Rasa tak mau keluar rumah langsung!!! Nak nangis everytime the wind blows :(

@NajLa ShuHuD:
Terima kasih banyak Najla :)

hey! u pregnant too? wow!!! congrats!!! I'm in my week 13. Afi? Afi pun take care juga :)

wah!! scots made? hehe... kena bawa balik kilt sebagai kenangan tempat lahir baby tu ;)

@Ir Aziz:
Thanks Aziz. Eh! Apsal lama tak update blog? Saya tertunggu-tunggu nak baca celoteh awak ;)

afi said...

k dila, dah week 21. hehe. alhamdulillah so far ok. ibu is expanding greatly. =P

Rhyati said...

Tahniah dilla.. tumpang happy.. hehe..

salman alfalakis said...

mdm..... alhamdulillah...

tahniah mdm n suami.... (naper tetiba saya rasa terharu nih (T.T))

hehehehe doakan saya dapat wife segera gak mdm....hehehe

Dilla said...

wah! mesti afi dah pergi 2nd scan kan? yg 20 week scan tu? mesti dah tau boy or girl? bestnya :) kak dilla tak sabar nak tunggu 20 weeks :)

Tima kasih. Kami berdua memang happy sangat.

@salmas alfalakis:
Makasih :) Saya doakan nasir dapat jodoh yg terbaik, yg sanggup susah senang bersama :)

tasha said...

salam kak dilla!! baru nie berkesempatan baca blog akak balik..dh lama x buka laptop kat umah nie ha..congratulations kak!! i'm sooo happy for u..jaga kandungan elok2 ye kak..bila due?

knv said...

ya allah dilla!!!

m so happy for you!

aku doakan yang baik2 aje untuk ko satu family. take care yerr?

i lap u lalinggg! :D

AiniNoraini said...

Mdm...Alhamdulillah. Good to hear that.. Take care.. Miss you.. :) semoga both of u n bby sihat.. I'll pray for u..always..:)