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Monday, October 6, 2008

Human Trafficking - what a sad reality

Did you manage to catch the movie HUMAN TRAFFICKING on Hallmark Channel-702 Saturday night? I understand that it's RAYA time and mostly all the prime Malay channels are buzzing with Raya celebration programs.

Throughout this month, Hallmark will repeatedly air that movie. You shouldn't miss it. Really, it brings out a very important issue. You'll see through the movie that human trafficking business is actually a larger network than we ever imagine. Even though Malaysia was not pictured as one of the networks in the movie I am very sure that there are certain mobs group here who are involved in the international human trafficking business.

We read in the newspapers news about missing children and missing women. Have we ever wonder what happen to them? Being dead versus missing forever, which would you wish for them?

People might think I'm such a heartless person to wish those missing children and women would rather be dead than missing forever from their families. However if you did watch the movie I mentioned above you'll understand my reasons. The fear and suffering they have to face everyday of their 'battered life' is unbearable. They were treated like a slave. Not simply a slave, but a SEX SLAVE. Can you imagine a 14 year-old girl or boy working as a sex slave just because their families had to sell them in order to survive?

I always believe that every one of us can make a difference in this world. How can we make a difference in this kind of situation where we are not the authority or involve in law enforcement policy?

Well, one thing that we can do is to take good care of our children. Not just by watching over them during the busy and head spinning raya shopping time but also to educate them . There have been cases where some of these abducted teenagers were scammed into a so called international model searching competition. I guess they were blinded by the glam and celebrity status which a modeling career can offer.

Such a sad reality huh?!

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