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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Undergrad FAQ

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Teaching undergrads courses put a lot of us in some of the positions illustrated in the comics. Can't deny that.

In fact, while I was driving yesterday, I was thinking about the same issues. Some of our undergrads students (read: just a minority of them) do have millions of excuses and questions which actually do not need any answers from us. They actually want the answers that they want to hear not our answers.

I remember when Ani called me to verify a certain situation where the student insisted on having things his way, which obviously the not allowed procedure. I guess many students now think that they can outsmart us. For example, by relaying to us stories that their seniors are allowed to do so why can't them. Some are just plain rude and act like they are the geniuses of the world.Errr.. if you're the genius what the heck are you doing in this university? You should go to MIT or Harvard don't you?

I have think of few (sarcastic) replies which I can use in the following situation.

1- When the student insist on having things his way and reject my explanation no matter how I try to explain the right procedure to them.
"Do you have an understanding problem?"

2- When they give excuses for not missing the due date.
Since I deal with administration, so I can't say that you'll get zero if you submit any particular form after due date right? So usually my response is:
"Where have you been? Outer space?"

If they put on a blank look, I'd add"
"If you are around here, you wouldn't have missed the due date."

3- When they made an appointment to see me on a certain day or time and they failed to turn up. Later when they come and try to explain that they've been so busy blaa..blaa..blaa..
"I'm busy right now, please come tomorrow"
*I haven't really use this remarks yet, but probably I will in the near future.

From where I stand, I see that I'm quite friendly to my students. I do not put any barrier between us that will make it hard for them to reach out to me. However, if they try to take unwelcome advantage of the relationship, I will of course start to back out from our friendship. By unwelcome advantage I mean something like asking for what will be asked for final exam questions, asking special treatment, etc.


*(",)* said...

wah madam dah sgt marah...
tapi kalo dtg bilik gossip2 xper kan...
urmmm. takut plak nak dtg jumpa mdm..

dla said...

bukan marah. cuma membebel. saya pun pernah jadik undergrad dulu. i know wat its like. mmg dulu lain skrg lain. tp the basic ground remains the same.
gossip? uh?1 ada gossip2 ke? ;P