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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UPM 32nd Convo

I'm at the UPM Serdang today. Attending a convocation briefing. The actual convo will take place on Saturday, Oct 18th 2008. Honestly I don't really care about this convocation ceremony. I don't know whether its because I feel unsatisfied with the amount of knowledge I gained during my master.. Or its because I don't really like U..huk.. Or its because I resent all this hoovey doovey convocation etiquette. Really, takat nak berkonvokesyen pun beria2 ada briefing bagai. *sigh*
I remember my first degree commencement in the US, we do have certain etiquette that we have to follow but it wasn't as much of a hassle as what we have in Malaysia. Anyway, I'll attend my convo. As my dear friend Ani(ummi Iman tu) said, "Dilla,you should attend your convo after all your hard work&the misery you've been through." And also my uncle who said that I should go to my convo so that I can have the memory later.

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