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Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is my second year of follow up after the chemo in second half of 2007. Last year, my follow up schedule is for every 3 months. Since everything is well so far, this year Dr. Murali schedules me for a half annually follow up. So a blood test is due in June. I have been putting it off since early June because I don't feel I'm up to it. I know I've been under stress lately so I don't want to mess up the blood test with false alarm.

There was this one time when we got a false alarm. It was 4 months after the chemo when my blood test showed a spike in my CA125 level. Dr. Murali instructed me to do another blood test 1-2 weeks later. If the level is still rising, he'll put me under another cycle of chemo. Alhamdulillah the reading went down again even not much. We figured the pressure at work contributed to my stressful condition.I still remembered Dr. Murali advices that time;
"Don't get stressed out"
"Jangan marah-marah suami. Kalau marah-marah suami pun itu reading boleh naik."
*Mana ada marah doktor, merajuk tu ada le.
"Walk for 30 minutes everyday. Bila you walk, 'feel good hormon' keluar."
"Makan buah & sayur banyak-banyak."
"Minum air putih banyak-banyak."

I've been following his advice as closely as I can so far. In addition to all that, I take Yemen honey and habatus sawda. I should take them everyday but sometime I'm just so lazy to prepare them. Yemen honey and habatus sawda are the only supplement I take when I start my healing process. You know, when you are sick people around you will suggest every sort of supplement there are. Cuba minum itulah, cuba makan inilah. I appreciate their concern but sometime it's just very overwhelming. So what I usually do is I just smile and pretend to listen.

My husband was put in the same position. People who knew that I'm sick will tell him to make me try this and that. He'll later ask me to which I'll say something like "I'm not very sure of this." or "I never heard of that". It must have been frustrating for him to have such a stubborn wife like me. I know he meant well but I just don't feel like trying. Then a senior colleague of mine suggested Yemen honey and habatus sawda. Tak taulah camana boleh terbuka hati nak cuba. Maybe the way he suggested it(he ask my permission before giving me his suggestion, isn't that super polite?) or because he is a living proof that the Yemen honey& habatus sawda works or maybe simply because Allah bukakan hati.

Last Thursday I went for my blood test and I got the result yesterday. Alhamdulillah! Praise to ALLAH, it's normal. Yeay!!! Another 6 months before I can be declared clear. It is not that long but knowing that anything can go wrong in such a short time sometimes worries me although I'm not a worrier. In fact I rarely think about it.

Thanks to all of you who've render me your prayer for my health. Thanks a bunch!
May Allah be with you too. :)



mdm sakit? sakit ape?

PrincessLiJo said...

Mdm, moga everything kembali ke normal.. InsyaAllah~ Aminn =)

ainul said...

smoga kembali normal,insyaAllah...

Che' A at Sonoda Canterbury said...

alhamdulillah....good news...

"Allahumma a'fini fi badani.."

Dilla said...

memang Alhamdulillah sgt. Just another 6 months. Insya-ALLAH.

achiema said...

Alhamdulillah..itulah berkat usaha, kesabaran dan doa..semoga semakin sembuh ya.